Lexus HS 250h Sales Target Revised

Lexus HS 250h Sales Target Revised

Ward’s Auto has tallied up the HS 250h’s sales to date, and has found that Lexus is on track to sell 14,000 units of the entry-luxury hybrid in its first year, about 6,000 less than previously forecast. Since the HSh’s launch in August 2009, a total of 11,228 units have been sold to date.

According to Lexus VP Mark Templin, the Prius name may have been a factor:

“I think we underestimated the power of the Prius brand,” said Mark Templin, Lexus’ group vice president and general manager. “We overestimated what the market would look like based on gas prices. But if we can do 1000-1500 units a month, we feel really good about what we’re doing in the marketplace.”

The HSh currently ranks as Lexus’ second-best selling hybrid model, behind the more expensive RX 450h.

P.S. this post is authored by Steve, who previously used the nom de plume Dan.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]