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Interview with Hiromu Naruse, Chief Test Driver for Lexus

Hiromu Naruse, chief test driver for Lexus

Lexus Magazine has a brilliant interview with Hiromu Naruse, chief test driver for Lexus, about his experience in helping develop the LFA:

Lexus: What was it like to drive the Lexus LFA prototype the first time out?

Naruse: I have to say, when I drove the LFA for the first time, it was scary. It was like a monster.

You put it through some pretty hairy tests last year.

When we raced the LFA in Nardo, Italy, I thought I might not return to Japan alive. The purpose of this “test” was to evaluate the car’s durability at 200 mph for a long period. The race was in the dark with no lights on the track, plus there were birds flying at me—and imagine if a tire burst! We created the final LFA through these kinds of test experiences.

Naruse-sama has played an essential role in the development of the LFA (and all Lexus vehicles), shaping the drivability like an artist, and getting this rare glimpse into his insight is awesome. Must-read.

[Source: Lexus Magazine]

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  • May 27, 2010
Talk about putting your life on the line for something you believe you...
  • D
  • May 27, 2010
good read.
  • H
  • May 27, 2010
What a cool and crazy job! What a funny guy. Thanks for the read 8-)
  • R
  • June 23, 2010
Today Mr. Naruse died; driving the Lexus LFA on a public road near the Nuerburgring in Germany, he left his side of the road and had a frontal crash with another test car, a BMW.