Lexus LX 570 Invader by ASI Tuning

Japanese tuner ASI has cut loose and created the craziest Lexus LX 570 you’ll ever see:

Lexus LX 570 ASI Invader

Dubbed the ASI LX 570 Invader, ASI has tuned the LX to push out 600hp, which equals a 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds (the stock LX 570 need 7.4 seconds).

Of course, there’s more obvious changes — the front end has been totally restyled with a new front grille (INVADER!!) and bumper with massive air intakes. There’s also new side side skirts and glossy black rims, along with a significant height drop.

Some detail shots:

Lexus LX 570 ASI Invader Detail 1

Lexus LX 570 ASI Invader Detail 2

There’s some very obvious Cayenne design in there, only dialed up to the extreme — I’d certainly be interested in learning more about the power boost, though.

[Via: emotorauto (Thanks Roberto!)]


  1. RDS

    This Is Photoshopped Or Real Car ? It's Looks Too Cayenne-ish , Not The LC That I Like ...
  2. Lexus LXF. :) It does look like the Porsche Cayenne though.
  3. aha I also see a lot of Cayenne. I love how nicely the wheels fit.
  4. JVX

    I wonder how the back look like, particularly the exhaust system and bumper integration.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the blinker LEDs -- they make the whole thing look cheap.
  6. At least there is no doubt where they got their inspiration:
  7. The Japanese "Range Rover" has arrived ladies and gents!
  8. I'll take the engine mods, but forget the body mods
  9. I wish that Lexus itself would provide a customization program for the LX and let its interior match that of a Range Rover's customized interior.