Lexus Straight Talk about Safety

Lexus Safety with Charles Hubbard & Paul William

Lexus Magazine has an interview with Charles Hubbard & Paul Williamsen of Lexus College, the company’s technical training center, about the various safety systems that Lexus uses in their vehicles. It’s just a quick overview, but I thought this question says it all:

LEXUS: First of all, we can’t have a discussion about safety without touching on the recent Toyota recalls. What’s the first thing you’d tell concerned Lexus drivers?

CHARLES HUBBARD: Here’s what I would tell anyone with concerns: My family drives both Toyota and Lexus vehicles, and my friends do as well. And I personally feel very secure in knowing this.

PAUL WILLIAMSEN: Absolutely. I think Charles expressed it well. I encourage my parents and in-laws and kids to drive these vehicles. That’s as comfortable as you can be.

The progression of safety systems, even over the last few years, is just astounding. As this interview points out, there’s new technologies like the Driver Attention Monitor and the Lane Departure system that play a much more active role in keeping owners safe.

You can read the full interview over at Lexus Magazine.