GT Spirit Reviews the Lexus LFA

GTSpirit had a chance to drive the Lexus LFA in Monaco, and they created this fantastic video:

Along with the video, there’s an exhaustive review on the GT Spirit website:

The Monaco area gave the opportunity to experience the twisting roads in the hills surrounding the small country, but also the Formula 1 race track, the harbor and the high quality shopping streets where your car is a crowd-stopping vehicle to be seen and heard by anyone who is window shopping.

The LFA is incredibly easy to drive. It communicates well, has a superb overall balance and the transparency of the options is an eye-opener.

The review also mentions that the LFA will be equipped with a launch control feature, which up until this point has only been rumored. Good news for owners looking to get that extra jump off the line.

[Source: GTSpirit] (Thanks Apples!)