Lexus Performance Registry

Major news today! Next month, Lexus USA will be launching a worldwide Performance Registry on their website — but it’s been opened early for Lexus Enthusiast readers!

The registry will be an online resource that will let enthusiasts share information on their Lexus vehicles and connect with other owners — making it easy to tap into the collective knowledge that’s invaluable when you’re looking to customize your Lexus.

Once you sign up, you will be able to upload a photo and list the current mods on your Lexus, which is then “pinned” on a map so all other members can see your ride and get an idea of where you’re located. Registration is open to Lexus owners worldwide, and one other cool thing — although the focus is F-Sport models and accessories, any Lexus model is eligible.

From there, there’s all sorts of filtering available, including the ability to sort by club affiliation — which includes this website as an option! This means that any readers signing here will become part of the TLE club, and will be identified on the registry as a member. Other groups will include Club Lexus & My.IS. Very cool!

(It may take up to 24 hours for your registration to be approved — if you have any questions, post in the comments and I’ll see you get an answer.)

Register with the Lexus Performance Registry