Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus LFA vs. Nissan GT-R

Lexus LFA vs Nissan GT-R

Motor Trend has unleashed an absolutely epic comparison test pitting the Lexus LFA against the Nissan GT-R — some choice quotes:

Subsequent testing proves the LFA to be dynamically superior to the GT-R in nearly every category. Any doubts that the Lexus is anything but a legitimate supercar are absolutely gutted on the test tarmac.

The LFA feels far lighter and more balanced than the GT-R in every phase of driving; and with that V-10 singing, it’s a rush like no other. The similarity both of these Japanese titans have is ease of use. You never think you’re going that fast or cornering that hard — until you look at your speedometer, lap time or competition in the rear view.

The LFA belongs in the elite supercar club as much as any choice Porsche, Ferrari, or Corvette.

As for what its worth on the street? You need only hear the intoxicating bark of that V-10 touching 9000 rpm to know the answer.

Every penny.

This full comparison has a little bit of everything, including some fantastic images and an actual drag race with a full breakdown:

There’s also video from the dyno test and all the performance tests:

I’ve slammed Motor Trend in the past, but this feature article is stop-what-you’re-doing-and-read-it quality — absolutely berserk.

[Source: Motor Trend]