James Martin Reviews the Lexus LFA

James Martin driving the Lexus LFA

Celebrity chef/auto reviewer James Martin recently spent some time with the Lexus LFA:

I drove this Lexus LFA up London’s Regent Street and had a procession of kids following me all along the pavement as I slowly made my way. By the time I reached Oxford Circus there were about 40 of them, all glassy-eyed with amazement – more glassy-eyed than usual, anyway.

…the LFA could be a glimpse of how those future supercars might look.

Fittingly, the styling is like nothing I’ve seen before: it doesn’t have the emotional cues that car designers use. It’s pure function, its aerodynamic surfaces broken up by weird cutaways that make it faster, not prettier.

But at twice the price of a Ferrari, who’s going to buy it?

Actually, I would – if I had silly money.

It’s almost impossible to read a review of the LFA without some mention of it looking like a spaceship — but to back up Martin’s point, here’s some photos of him driving the LFA (as spotted by Flickr user Jeremy Watt), which clearly show the interest the supercar generated on London streets:

Lexus LFA in London
James Martin Driving Lexus LFA in London

(It certainly looks otherworldy sitting out there in London traffic.)

[Source: The Daily Mail]