Lexus LFA Wins SP8 Class in Nürburgring 24h Race

Lexus LFA #51 Wins SP8 Nürburgring 24h race

After a grueling and exhaustive 24 hours, the #50 Lexus LFA finished 18th overall and placed 1st in its SP8 (near production) class in the Nürburgring 24h race.

The other LFA in the race, #51, didn’t do so well after an extended pitstop that lasted over 11 hours, but did manage to make it back out onto the track to finish 160th. No word yet on what issue forced the #51 to be sidelined. Turns out the #51 LFA actually had an engine swap after a “foreign substance” was discovered in the oil.

The last Lexus team, an IS-F driven by Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, Auto Express’ Owen Mildenhall and ex-Indy 500 star Hideshi Matsuda, had a faulty fuel pump keep them out of qualifying, but managed to climb from their early setback to finish 60th.

Lexus Europe published a mountain of photos, here’s the galleries organized by day:

May 13th: Qualifying Round 1

May 14th: Qualifying Round 2

May 15th: Race Day 1

May 16th: race Day 2

Congratulations to all the teams!


  1. Wow! So both the LFA and the LX won in their class of near-stock cars and trucks! - the LFA in the one-and-only 24h of Nürburgring - the LX in the Baja 500 I'm so happy; I'm so proud.
  3. Evn

    Here is an excerpt from Gazoo Racing's Live Feed during the 24Hr Race. "We have insight for last night trouble with#51. They have found foreign substance in engine fuel therefore they have changed engine. It took long time to change it as it was customized based on stock-car. (17:36)" Although that sucked, the whole team did a good job not giving up on #51 and getting it running again. And #50 was driven very steady and took advantage of the situations that allowed it to get in the top 20.
  4. so the next year 24Nur if they didn't enter of or if they didn't take a slot in top ten we as a lexus / toyota enthusiast must hate 'em
  5. I wonder what this wide body kit looks like without the paint job. I think I might like it better than the regular LFA, especially without the sharp shoulder intakes.
  6. @Evn: Thanks for the info, Evn -- much appreciated!
  7. Ah yes, now I remember that post. I noticed it had the new bumper, skirts etc but didnt notice the fenders. I only realized how wide it was after looking at all these photos from nurburgring.
    WorldofLuxury wrote:@Toby: lol, we had a look at the new livery only recently. Here’s a photo gallery of it in all white.