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Lexus News: CT Owner Blog


Lexus CT 200h F SPORT Owner Blog: Interview with My Wife Karissa

Checking in with my wife on how she likes the CT.


Lexus CT F SPORT Owner Blog: Unscheduled Maintenance

How was your last Lexus dealership service? Because mine was awesome.


Lexus CT F SPORT Owners Blog: Podcast Talk

A list of my five favorite podcasts for your listening pleasure.


Lexus CT F SPORT Owner Blog: An Interview with My Five Year Old Daughter

For the latest installment of my Lexus CT owner’s blog, I interview my daughter Pepper about our car.


Lexus CT F SPORT Owners Blog: The Parking Rules

It’s time for me to come clean — I have a phobia. Not only that, I’m willing to bet most of you reading this suffer from the very same irrational fear.


Lexus CT F SPORT Owner Blog: Feels Like Home

With its “just enough” personality, the CT 200h F SPORT is a faithful companion and now part of the family.