Lexus CT F SPORT Owner Blog: Feels Like Home

Lexus CT 200h Blog

It’s been a busy couple months, highlighted by two weeks driving the Lexus RC F (review coming!), time with the both GS F and IS 300h, and a significant amount of travel.

It’s a funny thing, but no matter what I end up driving, it’s always a relief getting back behind the wheel of my CT 200h F SPORT. Much like the difference between a hotel room and your own home, it’s fun to try something new, but there’s nothing quite like something familiar. Everything has its own place, and you don’t always have to be on your best behavior.

It was a practical purchase in the start, but I’ve grown quite attached to this little hybrid hatchback and its “just enough” personality. There’s just enough power, just enough room, just enough technology, just enough style. The CT has become a faithful companion, hard to believe it’s almost the half-way point through my three years with the car.

This CT 200h F SPORT was made possible by the folks at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond, the premier Lexus dealership in British Columbia and a proud sponsor of Lexus Enthusiast.