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Lexus CT Owner Blog: The CT 200h F SPORT in Winter

Lexus CT 200h in Snow

Winter has arrived, and I’m getting my first exposure to driving the CT 200h in the snow & ice.

The cold weather has given me real appreciation for the product planners at Lexus Canada, who have outfitted the CT F SPORT package with heated front seats and side mirrors. I’ve driven Lexus press cars in the cold before, but it’s not the same as having these features in my daily driver.

(I’m also happy there’s no heated steering wheel — unlike the wood in other Lexus models, the leather never really gets cold enough to justify the option.)

It’s not all great — the rear window is perpetually dirty, a problem the CT shares with all other hatchbacks and the bane of my existence on rural roads. The heated windshield wipers are also a disappointment, to the point where I wonder if the option is even installed.

(The next step is winter tires — so far unnecessary, but the next thing on my list before we get into the real thick of the snow.)