Motor Trend Drives the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT

Along with the insightful interview with chief engineer Junichi Furuyama, Motor Trend has published an exclusive feature on the third-generation Lexus IS.
Kevin · January 23rd, 2013

La Presse Previews the Next-Generation Lexus IS

French Canadian auto critic Jacques Duval from La Presse has driven the next-generation Lexus IS, and he has described the handling as “absolutely outstanding”.
Kevin · December 17th, 2012

2013 Lexus LS Preview

Earlier this week, I was invited to Palo Alto, California to drive the 2013 Lexus LS, and in the first part of my review, let's get into a technical overview.
Kevin · August 11th, 2012

First Reviews of the 2013 Lexus LS

Over the last couple weeks, automotive journalists from around the world have streamed through Palo Alto, California, to drive the new 2013 LS, and today, the very first reviews are coming in.
Kevin · August 10th, 2012

2013 Lexus LS First Impressions

The 2013 Lexus LS debuted earlier this week in San Francisco, and while I did post live updates from the event, I also want to share some photos and early impressions of the new Lexus flagship sedan.
Kevin · August 3rd, 2012

Autoblog Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 450h

Autoblog has published their review of the 2013 Lexus GS 450h, calling it “Lexus’ best compromise yet” between power and fuel efficiency.
Kevin · January 2nd, 2012

2013 Lexus GS 350 Quick Drive

After some issues with my photos, I’m ready to get back into my review of the 2013 Lexus GS with some quick impressions on the GS 350.
Kevin · December 7th, 2011

2012 Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h Information

Lexus has announced the 2012 Lexus RX 350, which will see two changes from the 2011 model: first, like all 2012 Lexus models, Nebula Grey Pearl will replace Smoky Granite Mica, and second, the fuel recommendation has been lowered from 91-octane to 87-octane.
Kevin · August 24th, 2011

Autoblog Previews the 2013 Lexus GS 350

Autoblog have also turned in a preview of the pre-production 2013 Lexus GS prototypes, and part of their feature is this video comparing the current GS' handling with the new model.
Kevin · July 28th, 2011

Automobile Magazine Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Jason Cammisa’s write-up of the Lexus CT 200h for Automobile Magazine may be my favorite review of the car yet — reasoned and impartial, it also includes a great description of the driving experience: So, why would you ever choose the CT over a Prius? For every other reason, starting with the way it drives. …
Kevin · October 14th, 2010

Car & Driver Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Let’s continue on with Lexus CT 200h reviews, with the next instalment coming from Car & Driver, who were impressed by the exterior design and fuel economy, but not so much with the drive: In the real world, the CT200h offers three driving modes: Eco has a very lazy throttle map, Normal is slightly less …
Kevin · October 14th, 2010

Autoblog Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Damon Lavrinc of Autoblog also attended the Lexus CT 200h press launch in France, and today he shares his thoughts on the new hatchback hybrid: …it’s obvious the CT’s suspension tuning has been canted towards the comfortable side of sporty. Not a bad thing when trying to eat up the miles. On the highway, it’s …
Kevin · October 13th, 2010

EVO Magazine Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

The next CT 200h review comes from EVO Magazine, who didn’t come away all that impressed with the hybrid hatchback: [The CT 200h is] Rather dull, unfortunately. For all the claims of being ‘authentically Lexus’, this is certainly no mini-iSF. You sit low – the hip-point is lower than that of an Auris, a car …
Kevin · October 13th, 2010

Motor Trend Drives the Lexus CT 200h

Motor Trend snuck into the Lexus CT 200h event in Los Angeles yesterday, and today have published their first thoughts on Lexus’ new hybrid hatchback: The best way to think of the CT 200h is as a better-looking Prius Sport, if such a model existed. It shares the Prius’ hybrid drivetrain, with its 1.8-liter four-cylinder …
Kevin · September 23rd, 2010

Autoblog Rides in the Lexus CT 200h Too

Autoblog was also in attendance at last week’s small media preview of the Lexus CT 200h, and had this to say about their time in the passenger seat: Riding along suburban roads near the TME facility, the CT 200h – even in prototype guise – is suitably Lexus-like in its build quality and refinement, yet …
Kevin · June 30th, 2010

Auto Express Lexus CT 200h Video

Auto Express had their turn at the CT 200h Geneva display, and put together a video that shows plenty of interior footage: The CT 200h’s door grip and handle design remind me a lot of the recently-released GX 460, which makes me wonder if this will be a shared design cue on new models.
Kevin · March 10th, 2010

Two Lexus CT 200h Videos from CNET

Here are two videos of the Lexus CT 200h at the Geneva Auto Show Courtesy of CNET—The first features the site’s editor-at-large, with references made to auto start-stop technology and the sport mode, and was probably made before the CT 200h’s US sales announcement: CNET UK also produced a similar video, with some unusual video …
Kevin · March 8th, 2010

More Lexus CT 200h Photos

Autocar has published several additional studio photographs of the white Lexus CT 200h. Compared with computer-processed look of the first photos, these are different, and show the exterior lighting: The forward shots showcase the CT 200h’s headlamp illumination, complete with LED strip accents similar to those introduced with the LS 460 refresh. These LED accents …
Kevin · March 1st, 2010

Autoblog Reviews the 2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport

Autoblog has posted their review of the 2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport, where they were pleasantly surprised by the sedan’s newfound sportiness: Approaching the first tight turn along this curvy hillside ribbon of asphalt, we instinctively wanted to tap into the upgraded Brembos to scrub off some momentum. Expecting a fair amount of body roll, …
Kevin · December 16th, 2009

Autoblog Reviews the 2010 Lexus GX 460

Autoblog has just published their first drive of the 2010 Lexus GX 460—here’s a excerpt of their impressions: The engine feels strong on the road and the new six-speed transmission makes the most of that power. The cabin is quiet even when matting the throttle to the floor, and over the course of a 30-minute …
Kevin · December 9th, 2009

Lexus GX 460 First Impressions

I wanted to wait a little while after the Lexus GX 460’s introduction before weighing in with my own impressions of the SUV, which I had a chance to see for myself at a Lexus Canada sneak peek dinner a couple weeks ago. Much like the RX redesign, the new GX is a more masculine …
Kevin · December 3rd, 2009

Automobile Magazine Reviews the 2010 Lexus GX 460

Automobile Magazine has posted up a first drive of the 2010 Lexus GX 460, which reads like an obituary of body-on-frame luxury utility vehicles, and includes this suggestion: When this new GX got the green light four or so years ago, the world was a different place. Today, Lexus doesn’t really need two V-8-powered, body-on-frame …
Kevin · November 24th, 2009

Edmunds First Drive of the 2010 Lexus GX 460

Only hours after its official introduction, Edmunds has posted their first-drive impression of the new 2010 Lexus GX 460, and its a nice overview of the new SUV: On paper, the 2010 GX’s extra 500 pounds looks like it could completely cancel out the gains in horsepower and torque. On the road, however, it’s not …
Kevin · November 23rd, 2009

Autocar’s First Drive of the Lexus LFA

There’s still plenty of Lexus LFA reviews to cover—next up is the UK’s Autocar and their great hands-on video with the supercar in Germany: This footage does a great job showing the LFA’s speed in a real-world context—choice quote: “The engine is absolutely sensational…just think a cross between a M5 and Porsche Carrera GT.” (Thanks …
Kevin · October 28th, 2009

Autoblog’s First Drive of the Lexus LFA

Autoblog’s first drive writeup of the Lexus LFA does a great job of putting the reader in the drivers seat: Nestled into the stylish yet supremely comfortable seats, Toyota’s attention to detail continued to assault every fiber of my being. I can’t remember the last time I was excited about seat controls (never?), but the …
Kevin · October 26th, 2009

Road & Track Interviews Lexus LFA Chief Engineer

Along with their driving impressions and technical analysis, Road & Track also had a chance to ask Lexus LFA chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi a few questions: What were the most difficult challenges you faced? This is difficult to answer. In Toyota, the highest-performance car we had in the past was the Supra. It had its …
Kevin · October 26th, 2009

Road & Track Drives the Lexus LFA

Road & Track has turned in their first impressions of the 2011 Lexus LFA: On the roads around the Nürburgring, the LFA is docile. Even with 560 bhp on tap, the car doesn’t need to be driven in anger to appreciate its power and road-hugging ability. Put the paddle-shift transmission in the sportiest setting and …
Kevin · October 26th, 2009

Edmunds Drives the Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA writeup at Edmunds Inside Line is a real delight to read: This is a staggering engine. It likes to be revved hard, but with 90 percent of the torque output available from 3,700 rpm there’s none of the low-rpm languor that blights other high-revving motors. Lexus claims the LFA with its six-speed, …
Kevin · October 22nd, 2009

C&D Drives the Lexus LFA

Car and Driver has posted up their early impressions of the Lexus LFA: Lexus claims multiple justifications for the LFA program. The car, it says, casts a halo over the Lexus F line of performance machines. It’s also a way for Toyota to explore new technologies, particularly carbon-fiber construction. And since Lexus says it will …
Kevin · October 21st, 2009

Lexus HS250h Photos from Winnipeg

Given the short time frame, I wasn’t able to take too many photos during the Lexus HS 250h event in Winnipeg, but what I lacked in quantity I made up for in quality: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1389”} I found the HS 250h in Matador Red very easy to photograph—unlike the Aurora White Pearl that absorbed all light. …
Kevin · October 19th, 2009

White Lexus LF-A on Nürburgring Video

Here’s another quick video of the Lexus LFA—this time taken on the track at Nürburgring and more importantly, completely undisguised: Here’s a quick screenshot of the full front-end: It’s impossible to make any real judgment from a 16 second video, except when it comes to the sound. What a roar! SAVAGE! (Thanks WorldofLuxury!)
Kevin · September 27th, 2009

Five Lexus LF-Ch Videos

The Lexus LF-Ch has received plenty of video coverage, and rather than post them one by one, I thought it best to collect them into a single post. This first video, from WhatCar?, claims that the LF-Ch won’t see production until late 2011, and will cost £20,000: Next up is Which?: Then there’s the lone …
Kevin · September 23rd, 2009

Spending Time with the 2010 Lexus HS 250h

Recently, I had a chance to get a quick look at a Lexus HS 250h prototype that was being used to develop dealership training materials by the people at Lexus Canada.  Glenn Alkema of the Lexus Academy was nice enough to give me a tour of the new hybrid, which will be introduced here in …
Kevin · August 31st, 2009

More 2010 Lexus GS 450h Photos

After poring over the tiny 2010 Lexus GS 450h images taken from the Lexus Japan website, it’s nice to be able to look at some larger photos of the refreshed sedan (click the first three images for larger versions): The ascending thickness of the front grille’s chrome bars is very classy, and looks to be …
Kevin · August 31st, 2009

Edmunds Drives the Lexus LFA

As it turns out, Edmunds also had the chance to drive the Lexus LFA at Goodwood, where the supercar prototype continued to impress: The Lexus LF-A is the sort of car in which you could spend hours whittling away at your lap times while confident it would never misbehave. You would emerge fresh from your …
Kevin · July 21st, 2009

Lexus LFA First Drive in The Sunday Times

Another of the journalists to drive the Lexus LFA at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was The Sunday Times’ Andrew Frankel: At the beginning of the hillclimb I hit the start button expecting a massive roar but . . . silence. Through my helmet and at idle the engine is Lexus-quiet. I put it in …
Kevin · July 13th, 2009

Autocar Drives the Lexus LF-A

Autocar journalist Steve Sutcliffe was also had a chance to drive the Lexus LF-A at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed: There’s a clonk from the transaxle when first gear engages, and as I pull away the ride immediately feels firm but refined, not at all racing car hard. Another faint but disappointing clonk as …
Kevin · July 9th, 2009

Pistonheads Drives the Lexus LF-A

During the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend in Great Britain, a group of journalists were given the opportunity to drive the Lexus LFA racing prototypes that raced last month in the Nürburgring 24h. One of these journalists was Chris Rosamond, and he’s written a stellar account of the experience: The racing car accelerates flat …
Kevin · July 9th, 2009

Spending Time with the 2009 Lexus LX 570

Late last week, I picked up a review LX 570 from Lexus Canada with more than a little anxiety. After all, this is a two ton, sixteen-foot tank of a vehicle, immense in every sense of the word, and I had to jump straight into big-city traffic immediately after taking the keys. Intimidating. Of course, …
Kevin · June 3rd, 2009

Spending Time with the 2009 Lexus IS 250 AWD

Early this morning, I made my way to Toyota Canada’s corporate HQ outside of Toronto and took possession of a Lexus IS 250 for review. It’s the AWD config, an automatic, with Truffle Mica exterior and Ecru leather interior, a very flattering combination. The rest of the day was spent powering through highway traffic and …
Kevin · March 30th, 2009

Car & Driver Continues Lexus Bashing

The minute I heard the voiceover of this Car & Driver video preview of the Lexus HS 250h, I knew we were in for a treat: Jens Meiner, who put in one of the most derisive 2010 RX preview videos last year, clearly outdid himself with this preview of the HS — my favorite quote: …
Kevin · February 10th, 2009

Lexus HS 250h Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show

The wait is over, Lexus unveiled the much anticipated HS 250h today at the Detroit Auto Show. There’s plenty to go over, but let’s start by breaking down the most noteworthy points about this new hybrid: The HS 250h sports Lexus’ first four-cylinder gas engine, a 2.4L Atkinson-cycle powerplant that generates 187HP. No exact fuel …
Kevin · January 11th, 2009

2010 Lexus RX 350/450h Gas Mileage Figures

We’ve known since the LA Auto Show that the 2010 Lexus RX would be returning better gas mileage, but a press release issued yesterday gave us the exact EPA figures, which I’ve compared with last year’s numbers (broken down as city/highway/combined): Model 2010 2009 Change RX 350 FWD 18/25/21 18/23/20 +0/2/1 RX 350 AWD 18/24/20 …
Kevin · January 9th, 2009

CNet Previews the 2010 Lexus RX 450h

CNet has published their take on the 2010 Lexus RX 450h, and it includes a more critical look at the new Remote Touch controller: Along with the voice command, Lexus updated the controller, using a square joystick on the console to control an onscreen cursor…you can change the settings for the cursor, choosing a different …
Kevin · January 8th, 2009

Edmunds Previews the 2010 Lexus RX 350

The second in what’s bound to be an absolute torrent, Edmunds has posted their 2010 Lexus RX preview. Like Popular Mechanics, Edmunds liked the new driving feel, but they were more impressed with the new Remote Touch: Our experience with iDrive, COMAND and MMI tells us that Remote Touch will be more cumbersome than using …
Kevin · January 7th, 2009

First Test Drive of the 2010 Lexus RX

Popular Mechanics has published the first journalist test drive of the new 2010 Lexus RX, which reveals a surprising side to the SUV: Based on a car-like platform, the RX drives with reassuring stability. The electric power steering has been recalibrated to lose the somewhat digital on/off feel afflicting most Toyota/Lexus systems and now provides …
Kevin · January 6th, 2009

2010 Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h Details

Lexus has issued their press release with details on the new 2010 RX 350 & 450h, which backs up the specifications and options I posted last month. Here’s some selected passages from the press release: Entering its second generation, the RX 450h will feature an enhanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system with a 3.5-liter V6 gas …
Kevin · November 19th, 2008

Official 2010 Lexus RX 350 Photos!

We’ve seen the 2010 Lexus RX 450h, and now here’s a set of images from Lexus of the upcoming RX 350 — details on the new models in my next post: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1236”}
Kevin · November 19th, 2008

2010 Lexus RX 350 Optional Equipment

Continuing in on the breakdown of the 2010 Lexus RX 350, here’s a list of newly available optional equipment: Bi-Xenon HID Headlamps Automatic High Beam Feature Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with Integrated Backup Camera Wallet-Size Card Key 12-Speaker Premium Audio System USB Audio Input 15-Speaker Mark Levinson Audio System Voice-activated HDD Navigation System XM Real-Time Traffic …
Kevin · October 22nd, 2008

Details on Lexus’ Future Lineup

John Roca, the chief executive of Lexus Australia, just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to leaking new product announcements. In an interview with The Australian, Roca dropped information about a number of new vehicles in the Lexus pipeline: Lexus will be expanding the F lineup to include the GS-F, which was rumored …
Kevin · April 7th, 2008

Short Lexus LX 570 Video Profile

Save for the short appearance by Charles Hubbard of Lexus College, this Bumper2Bumper TV video profile of the Lexus LX 570 doesn’t really have much to it, except for one thing — it shows that this vehicle looks absolutely spectacular in movement (around 45 seconds in, to be precise): I think my devotion to the …
Kevin · January 23rd, 2008

Lexus’ IS-F Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has served up another Lexus presentation, this time a full blown dissertation about the IS-F. This presentation, along with the previously noted LX 570 breakdown, took place in Point Clear, Alabama, and provided the automotive press with an opportunity to learn about the vehicles to an extraordinary level of detail. The first …
Kevin · January 2nd, 2008

AutoWeek’s Preview of the 2008 Lexus LX 570

There’s a bit of a sarcastic bent to AutoWeek’s preview of the 2008 Lexus LX 570, but it still manages to fill in some blanks, including the differences between the LX 570 and the Toyota Land Cruiser: Hey, wait a second, you say, is this just a Land Cruiser with a Lexus badge on it, …
Kevin · December 28th, 2007

Motor Trend First Drive: The 2008 Lexus LX 570

As the Lexus LX 570 gets closer and closer to the dealerships, the test drives are starting to come in. First one to the press is Motor Trend, and it’s heavy in praise: This largest Lexus has no more business vamoosing through chicanes than it does scaling 45-degree slopes, fording two-foot-deep streams, or straddling nine-inch-tall …
Kevin · December 20th, 2007