La Presse Previews the Next-Generation Lexus IS

Lexus IS Next-Generation

French Canadian auto critic Jacques Duval from La Presse has driven the next-generation Lexus IS, and he has described the handling as “absolutely outstanding”.

(Duval also highlights the driver ergonomics, calling them “perfect, like a race car.”)

Read the IS Preview at La Presse (translated)


  1. Although it was no surprise. They do have one of the first images I've seen with the remote-touch controller in the new IS. And this F-Sport model doesn't seem to be fit with the already seen "L" perforated leather, but rather a fabric material.
    • Wow -- good eye! I was starting to think the Display Audio controller was the only option. I'll have to post about this.
  2. But will Lexus still maintain the luxury and understatement of the current IS interior?.. Seems to sporty and too much like the CT200 The current IS250/IS350 interior feel and look of of tht of a luxury sedan.. Especially the soft and beautiful upholstry - see what I mean..
  3. I read the article last week and am really glad Jacques Duval finally endorses our product.  It left me wondering though, other journalists described the new IS as softer than expected when compared to the 3-series. I guess we'll have to be our own critics on that.
  4. It's not endorsing it's about telling the truth about a product rather than take side of a product because it "was" the benchmark
  5. I just wish they added more power to both cars :/
  6. The IS350 with 306HP behaves more like 365HP You should drive the IS350, it's much much faster than what paper specs suggest..
    • The 350 is a quick car, but behaves like a 365hp car I find hard to believe..
    • Yeah hard to believe but its much quicker than other cars with 300HP Many V6 sports sedan have about 320-360HP and the IS350 has one of the fastest 0-60mph out there in the range.. The best IS350 with 8-speed should improve acceleration and MPG
    • I find it hard to believe because I had a 350, and it was quick, but it didn't act like a 365hp car, the sole gripe i have is if they can make the 350 quicker than the 335i
    • Uhmm having driven both the previous 335i as IS350 there is absolutely no difference. In fact the IS350 felt much more responsive and nimble and also sounded better! Here watch this;
    • Hmm don't know about anyone else but all the reviews online have always been that the 335i beats the 350 almost all the time, from motor trend to other reviewers they always say Lexus falls behind the 335i
  7. @Brnjou87 I have never driven the F30 335i. But the previous 335i was not faster than IS350.. And I don't think the F30 is any quicker than LEXUS IS350
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