Road & Track Drives the 2013 Lexus ES

2013 Lexus ES from Road & Track

Calvin Kim of Road & Track has shared his impressions of the 2013 Lexus ES, and it’s very positive — he was most impressed by the improved “drivability” compared to the previous models.

(The word “surprise” is used multiple times — Kim appears to be genuinely impressed by the new ES.)

Read the Road & Track 2013 ES Preview


  1. Was Mr. Kim one of the staff fired before the move to Ann Arbor or did he survive the purge at Road  & Track? 
  2. MT

    How comes that there is a picture of the hybrid powerflow display when he tested the ES350?
  3. Yeah good car, should do good
  4. Beautiful car.  Typical R & T self-serving hot-air.