Motor Trend Drives the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT

2014 Lexus IS F SPORT in Black

Along with the insightful interview with chief engineer Junichi Furuyama, Motor Trend has published an exclusive feature on the third-generation Lexus IS — here’s a quote about the driving experience:

On the tight circuit, the IS’ chassis demeanor and ultimate grip far exceed its predecessor’s. There’s minimal body roll in the stiffest Sport S+ mode, and it plows only when prodded extremely hard. Its wheels do, however, ricochet off imperfections, and however speedy and assured its solid chassis’ reactions are to the weightier VGRS inputs, there’s no ignoring its 3700-pound heft, nearly 200 pounds heavier than a Cadillac ATS 3.6.

This third-generation IS nails its fun to drive assignment. Its design is fresh (albeit controversial); its cabin technologically packed and roomy (you’ll easily fit a 6-foot 2-inch passenger in the back, and with the new 60/40 split rear seats, luggage will fit, too); and its chassis and powertrain are as buttoned-down as they come.

Along with the article, there’s an extensive photo gallery showing off the 2014 IS F SPORT in black — here is just a small image selection:

Have to say, I’m impressed with Motor Trend’s coverage — it’s been well balanced and of extremely high quality. Highly recommend checking out the full article.

Read Motor Trend’s Coverage of the 2014 IS


  1. I'll take your word for it. Motor Trend & similar American mags pride themselves in 'japan bashing' so i don't bother reading their crap. But i'll check this one out though. 
  2. why are these new lexus getting heavier and heavier...I thought they were all about weight shedding...Every other car company out there that is trying to beat the 3-series all try to target less weight, but lexus is adding lbs??0_o
    • The main complaint of the predecessor was its small interior and boot. I think weight is an acceptable trade-off for more interior space.
    • Exactly, if anything I find it impressive that while the car is now longer and wider than the old one, it only weighs 50 pounds more than the last one. But what I don't understand is how this car only weighs 95 pounds less than the GS. I don't want to believe that car almost as large as the GS to be that close in weight
    • The article said it was a matter of new steel stamping and welding, and more steel thickness in doors, for better structural integrity and rigidity. You won't notice any weight increase with the 3.5, but the 2.5 it will help feel tighter, but slower. If it helps the car be quieter, ride better, handle tighter, without slowing the car too much, it's a tradeoff worth making.... BD
  3. The F SPORT looks really really good in black.  I can't wait to see a real comparison with the 3 Series to get a feel for the driver oriented improvements.
    • Joe

      Hopefully they are objective and not just hating, or biased.
    • LOL u shud read the comments. ppl are hatin big time! honestly, i think they jealous. especially the ones who say the interior boring & Infiniti's new Q50 (dated, bland, hyundaish) dash looks better ROFL. dnt mind the haters :)
  4. I m not buying the new Lexus IS 300h here in Europe, its too heavy compared to the 3 series. Instead I ll be buying BMW 4 when its out in june.
    • Joe

      That's amazing: you are able to judge the impact of weight based on early press comments and without having driven any of these two?  Great analysis.  I wish I could.
  5. That's weight is just a estimate one. If IS gonna heavier but, It's got a less body roll and has far more grip than 2nd IS so I think it's acceptable.
  6. The front end looks kick ass in black !  Good write up cant wait for a more in depth review of the car this just seemed like a overview and first impressions.