Video Interview with Lexus IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama

Motor Trend has posted a wonderfully detailed video interview with Lexus IS chief engineer Junichi Furuyama:

It’s always great to see the personality behind the vehicles we drive, and it also illustrates an interesting point — right now, we’re focused on the exterior & interior design of the new IS, but the real test will be how the car handles on the road.

(I met with Furuyama-san during the Detroit autoshow, and making the new IS “fun to drive” was his absolute #1 priority during development — our interview will be published later this week.)


  1. Finally get to see an IS in black. That would be my color of choice.
  2. The new IS/IS F Sport looks as amazing in Black as I thought it would.  Very sporty - it evens out much of the uneven surfaces.  I'm eager to see it in person at next months NAIAS Chicago.
  3. It's nice to see that Lexus is paying attention to how the car drives, however none of the previews that were done a few weeks ago really support this. When the GS was first driven, everybody was really impressed by how the car drove. None of the reviews really seemed to be that impressed with the new IS. The general feeling was that it was improved, but that's it. At least there is lots of time to tune this car. They can start by lowering it, the wheel gap looks so ridiculous!
  4. As a hardcore Lexus fan i so humbled by the comment made by the IS chief engineer when he admitted that actually its only now their are realizing that what fun to drive really means after doing some personal introspection and then compering to the benchmarks.This then mean Lexus is on the right path once and for all dethrone the 3 /4 Series in precision handling fun driving.Thank you Jinichi Furuyama for taking this project seriously.
    • I agree !    Really injecting a precision into the driving that will give Germany and other Luxury automakers another shock wave felt through out the industry.....what pleases me most is that the Japanese executives, engineers, designers, staff and builder personnel are included in these acheivements, advertisements, commercials , etc.  I have expressed many times that the Japanese heritage and craftmanship should be brought into light more haevily with a proud boast of what makes them different from other automakers......we are seeing more and more of this and it is wonderful.....The US needs to see this especiall, since it is the largest market for TMC-LEXUS.  The confirmation of how TOYOTA and LEXUS has made such an impact on the Global market is something to be praised and proud of.....also proud to see more advertising, commercials, billboards and stock volume of inventory now on the dealer is very evident that it is pumped up and out there. GREAT JOB!   2013 should be a stellar year !
  5. Many have lauded the current IS for it's ride and handling balance. Looks like Furuyama is ready to take the IS to whole other level..... BD
  6. OMW just noticed it now this Black colour on the F-sport looks very aggresive and more like current 1st Gen IS-F borad shoulders.
  7. Black is definitely a good color for this IS, love it even more everytime I see more pic/videos of it. Gotta appreciate Lexus and taking this bold new direction! Love it!
  8. Big write up this morning at Motor Trend, as they got the first drive last year in Japan, and they are very impressed...... BD
  9. The team behind the new IS seem to have done a great job!
  10. Black makes it look boring. None of the really fine details are showing. Looks stunning in every other color though!
  11. now they have to work on better engines. Lexus should have Yamaha tune every single engine in the Lexus line-up, and after they have to work on weight-loss for the cars...
  12. Lexus has to work on many things, but at least with Lexus, when they do something, it is done once and for all. Not the case of german or italian.
  13. It needs manual transmissions and a new base engine, and we're good! BD
  14. The Love Lexus have for its cars make it seem like they have nothing to do with Toyota. Toyota needs to inject this emotion into the Toyota side of things