Car & Driver Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h

Let’s continue on with Lexus CT 200h reviews, with the next instalment coming from Car & Driver, who were impressed by the exterior design and fuel economy, but not so much with the drive:

In the real world, the CT200h offers three driving modes: Eco has a very lazy throttle map, Normal is slightly less lethargic, and Sport is, well, still sluggish. The steering effort is higher in Sport mode, which is good, because it’s light and inert in the other settings. We think the CT has a nicely balanced chassis, although it is difficult to tell because the stability control kills the fun before any mirth has a chance to materialize, and there’s little power with which to modulate the car’s cornering attitude.

The CT’s strengths are those associated with Lexuses and hybrids in general: a well-controlled ride, a quiet powertrain (providing you’re not caning it), muted wind and road noise, and excellent gas mileage. Plus, it is very nicely screwed together.

What’s been interesting about the reviews so far is how varied the response has been — from the CTh’s horsepower to the handling to the road noise, impressions have been all over the map.

[Source: Car & Driver]