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Lexus GX 460 First Impressions

I wanted to wait a little while after the Lexus GX 460’s introduction before weighing in with my own impressions of the SUV, which I had a chance to see for myself at a Lexus Canada sneak peek dinner a couple weeks ago.

Much like the RX redesign, the new GX is a more masculine retelling of the model it replaces. The first generation GX had a fidgety look, too tall and skinny for my taste, so this lowered and aggressive redesign hits all the right notes. It has that same “larger-than-life” feeling that the LX 570 gives off.

There are minor issues with the exterior design—the front bumper air intakes are too prominent and the rear lights have an ordinary look—but I love the bold wheel arches and the entire side profile. I even like the front HID headlight design and its symmetry with the fog-lights.

But it was the interior impressed me more than anything. All of the visual clutter seen with the LX 570 and the toggles and switches is gone, and what’s left is a strong and simplified SUV interior dominated by a massive touchscreen and high-quality materials. I especially liked the detail work, like the dash panel that hides away secondary radio controls and the wood divide above the glovebox.

The third row seating was cramped but useable, making the fold-flat function worth the three-inch height reduction. Retaining the side-opening rear door was the biggest surprise—the explanation given to me was that it reduced the effort needed to open and close the door (mentioning the power liftgate seen in the other Lexus SUVs generated little discussion).

I have yet to drive the GX 460 (or see it outside of a giant dinner hall for that matter), but my first impressions were extremely positive. The exterior design is a mash between the first-gen GX and the LX 570 design, and I like it well enough, but more than anything, I’m convinced the new interior will sell the vehicle on its own. It’s that good.

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