Motor Trend Video Preview of the 2013 Lexus GS 350

Motor Trend Editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie has turned in an excellent video preview of the 2013 Lexus GS that’s well worth watching:

There’s a bunch to like in this video — for one, this is our best view yet at what it’s like to drive the GS, especially when looking how the different modes affect the car’s handling. It also sounds like Lexus has piped the exhaust sound into the GS cabin, similar to the LFA — a detail that I’m particularly enthused about.

There’s also some great footage of that giant 12.3″ LCD screen, which shows a completely redesigned interface to make use of all that space — and I certainly like what I see so far:

2013 Lexus GS Navigation Screen

All in all, MacKenzie seems surprised by how impressed he was with the new GS — a sentiment that carried over to his written review as well. All I know is that if this new GS can get the Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend to speak positively about Lexus, it must be something truly special.

(Thanks Bobby!)


    • I recall that as well, it was in the Inside Line review -- just goes to show how difficult it is to judge a car from these early reviews.
    • I think Edmund Inside Line was judge the transmission in Normal mode ?
    • I don't know that he mentioned which mode he was in -- here's the quote:
       The transmission also insists on upshifting at redline, even when the M position is selected. In other words, Lexus never lets you touch the V6′s rev limiter. This is a problem in the mountains. More than once it upshifted to 3rd gear a split-second before I jumped on the brakes and entered a corner. Not good.
    • They might just being Normal Mode when they're tested with the transmission ... anyway the car is coming less than 2 weeks , so we would see more test about the Lexus GS !
    • I recall that as well, it was in the Inside Line review -- just goes to show how difficult it is to judge a car from these early reviews.
  1. Thanks for the video.
  2. Wow the noise is amazing, it seems it's very well tuned to achieve what it wants to achieve..
  3. I like the model in global. Have nice behaviour on the road and, is much more sportive than the previous model. The unique thing that I don't like much is the interior... I wanted them to continue the great design which is in the CT model, but they changed a bit, to introduce this analogic clock and the disposition is a little different. Anyway, I hope this model have a familiar version and maybe all wheels drive (why not?) and, I'm totally sure that can be selled in Europe without problems and being a hard rival of german manufacturers.
  4. I hope Toyota models don't get the new Navi interface too!
  5. nice video.  This car is going to be very good.