First Reviews of the 2013 Lexus LS

2013 Lexus LS Preview

Over the last couple weeks, automotive journalists from around the world have streamed through Palo Alto, California, to drive the new 2013 LS, and today, the very first reviews are coming in — let’s take a look at the first impressions of the new Lexus flagship sedan.

LS Reviews: Round One

Here’s a quote from the Inside Line review by Erin Riches:

…buying a large luxury sedan isn’t a rational decision at heart. No one needs a Lexus LS like they need a Toyota Camry. You just want a lavish sedan because you want it and, in that case, the new LS F Sport delivers the most compelling package that Lexus has had in a long time.

AutoWeek’s Davey G. Johnson turned in a great review of the new LS:

Niggles over the spindle grille aside, the new car looks ace. Lexus found the confidence to make the new LS look more Japanese than ever before. The sculpted hood seems to catch the light in any color–it even manages to grab one’s eye in silver. From the rear, it’s a presence out of anime; something elegant and rather threatening–a yakuza hover tank, perhaps.

Automobile Magazine’s Joe DeMatio was impressed by the LS 460’s “newfound athleticism”:

As we headed north on the 101 freeway, the LS460 felt at once familiar and fresh. Look up “ride comfort and suspension compliance” in your automotive dictionary, and there will be a picture of the Lexus LS460. Yet the Lexus flagship didn’t demonstrate the floatiness and utter lack of body control that have plagued the car for years. Sure, the steering still lacks feel and the car remains isolated from the road, but there’s very little head toss, and pitch and dive are well controlled.

Fred Gregory’s review in Car & Driver calls the LS “Luxurious and serene, as it was”:

Lexus itself doesn’t tout the LS in any form as a quintessential sports sedan, and it’s not as focused as is the latest GS; the LS doesn’t need to be. It is a near-ultimate boulevardier, its sophisticated technology and innovative hardware concealed from the driver by a façade of impeccable quality and subtle design.

LS Reviews: Round Two

2013 Lexus LS 460

Antuan Goodwin from CNET has this to say about the 2013 LS:

Overall, I came away from the drive impressed with the level of comfort and composure the LS presented. Many people, myself included, criticize the automaker for building boring cars. Nobody likes a goody two shoes. With this generation of Lexus, the automaker has managed to inject the LS with quite a bit of style and technology, which adds quite a bit to this model’s (and this brand’s) desirability.

The Truth About Cars LS review by Alex Dykes includes a ten-minute video review, and concludes that:

The LS is not without its charm, Lexus continues to deliver the most serene ride on the road this side of a Rolls Royce with large, cushy seats that will coddle your bottom for cross-country road trips. Lexus’ impeccable reliability reputation, coupled with a price that is likely to undercut the competition makes the LS a vehicle that has a place on your short list.

The review from Aaron Gold notes that “Lexus has made a series of strategic changes that really transform the character of the LS”:

As you’d expect from a Lexus, the LS is as solid as a mountain, as quiet as a monastery, as comfortable as a cool summer breeze, and as dependable as a string of overused similes — and yet no longer does it feel completely anonymous. It looks quite a bit nicer on the outside, a hell of a lot better on the inside, and it’s actually rather rewarding to drive, especially if you choose the F Sport model.

I’ll continue to add reviews as they’re published — as for my own review, I’m currently putting the final touches on a full technical overview of the new model, to be published later today tomorrow.

Update: I didn’t expect so many outlets to publish their reviews today, so I’ve decided to postpone my coverage until tomorrow to avoid LS overload.


  1. Thank god they removed the "lexus" emblem @ back. i like it that way with just the "L" logo
  2. here a video review by TTAC 
    • Now I wanna see how they test the F-Sport & regular LS460 . IMO , TTAC did a good job on reviewing & I like how the trunk still big enough for his size (good if Lexus owner do hide any human under the trunk lid , no good if they don't) , while I'm surprise that the LS600hL have lower F/C than I thought .
  3. I am surprised they didn't incorporate the GS450h's excellent powertrain into the picture, and bring it in $5k or so above the "base" LS460, somewhere just south of $75k. A 338HP powertrain with 30 MPG combined would be a welcome addition for the next couple of years, and would compare nicely to the new A8 3.0T and BMW 740i, especially as gas slowly creeps upward past $3.50 again...... BD
    • wtf

      ...why the hell are they comparing a Lexus LS460 F-Sport to a BMW B7???? WTF?!!
    • to make the car look bad because its currently way better than any other in its class
    • I guess they are hinting that the normal 7 series have nothing on the new LS460. 
    • "For the 2013 model year, the oil pan has been redesigned and the engineers have focused their attention on reducing unwanted noise (part of the changes include a new dynamic damper and a new rear engine mount)." ... word from Autoblog & for those who think 2013 Lexus LS doesn't do anything on engine .
  5. C&D will hate it no matter what to please there Audi fanboy as well as MT cars website isn't the same anymore it nothing but fanboys and its a shame every car isn't made for enthusiast they aren't the only people on earth bashing a car because it wasn't made to be a sport sedan is stupid they are a car mag they supposed to love each and every car for that they are... i love this website not only because i love Lexus but i love cars and even tho this website is all about lexi we don't become fanboys and think everything is cool even wen its not we all have a valued opinion if i had money i would start my own car mag companies and higher people such as bd and other from this website.. people complain about how Lexus wasn't sporty how they car lacks road presences now Lexus is TOO sporty and too much road presences .. not to mention how people complain about Lexus grille too Audi ish have they seen Hyundai grilles the last thing they should worry about is Lexus grille which has the most design to any grille on the market .. the spindle grille can be luxurious as seen in the new ES aggressive LS and conservative RX. The spindle grille is of all the best grille out there in my take it offers the most of any grills haters will hate and another lame complain my new personal favorite all Lexus look the same what about the Audi's they are consider elegant smh fanboys haters will always hate no matter what... and don't get me wrong i love Audi's i just hate ignorant  fanboys and  if i didn't love cars as much as i do i wouldn't even bother reading C&D
    • Touche bro. It's funny how no matter what Lexus come out with, there are a bunch of haters bashing it calling it too boring, too aggressive and look too much like the previous LS460 despite obviously been a refresh and when caddy came out with ATS that look exactly like XTS and similar to CTS, they make over 100+ comments saying it been handsome and good looking. Furthermore, from a design perspective, I personally think that spindle grill have better design than the Audi's and saying Lexus copy the idea from Audi is like saying coupe is same as sedan because they all have four wheels. Also I notice that even some journalists are bias saying that the taillight look like BMW's when Lexus obviously have a similar taillight on their 06-07 LS460 or 06 GS and guess when does BMW start having that kind of taillight? I don't seem to remember any articles mentioning the fact that which car have the first 8speed transmission when praising how good the 8speed transmission is on "X" car. One good thing though that most of the articles state that it's still one of the most quiet and comfortable sedan in it's class(although they don't want to admit that it's a good car) which I personally think is one of the most important aspect in a big sedan. +1 on your last sentence. Enuf said. 
  6. They complain saying it looks like the previous model lol. funny they never complain about BMW, porches etc looking like previous models. Seems to me, people are crying because this time lexus did not surprise them with new technologies like they use to. lexus is the car brand that changes car world with every new LS and hardly get credit for it, instead they get bashed for bad handling while the other auto brands steals lexus technologies and they get credited for things that lexus invented and these haters know these truths but this time they chose to play it safe. Ha ha ha let see now your BMW and merc turn the car wolrd around, fanboys! BMW and Mercs only know how to make fast cars there are no new major technologies in their cars but they get away with it. So lexus just do what they do for now
    •  "BMW and Mercs only know how to make fast cars there are no new major technologies in their cars but they get away with it." You're funny.
  7. Technologies in a new 7series cant even match technology of a 2012 LS what about the LS460h the technology in that car. The only hybrid better then the LS460h is another lexus the GS350h. just showing you how far ahead lexus is ahead of the game. They could have probably thrown another game changer but they didnt have to since nowdays all we care about is handling
    • wtf

      don't even bother arguing with lexuslvr. The dudes a typical german fanboy that likes to bash on the new Lexus everytime there is a review one one...
    • Please show me where I am bashing Lexus? A negative comment about Lexus is not "Lexus bashing". You know, for a bunch of supposed "car enthusiast" you are pretty Lexus biased and your silly comments reflect that. So you can bash Audi, BMW and Mercedes with silly comments that have, let's be honest, no basis, but a "negative comment" about Lexus gets us your wrath? Oh please. Be objective for once. Lexus isn't perfect. Fact. They make excellent cars. Fact. But they can also learn from the competition. Fact. I'm wondering with what garbage you'll come up next, WTF.
    • We all seen your comments dude there always negative so some people might call that bashing. Since this site is called "Lexus Enthusiast" its probably not the sire for you if you're going to leave negative comments about Lexus. It's like going to a german forum and putting negative comments everywhere.
    • I own a Lexus LS460 and a Mercedes E350 convertible. I am enthusiastic and pleased with both cars. What does that make me in your point of view? You claim to have seen my comments. Then you've surely also seen my many positive comments regarding the Lexus brand. My main critique of Lexus is how they handle Europe and how they're lineup is lacking certain niche vehicles like a Z4/TT fighter for example. And that is what you call "Lexus bashing"? Come on, get real. Last but not least, I have an appreciation and respect for all brands, hence I own two premium cars from two different premium makes.
    • (Comment Deleted)
    • Hold up there -- that went a little too far.
    • agreed but is it just me or is it that most of the people on this forum seem to have beef with lexuslvr imo...
  8. I got this video's link but I couldn't watch it , the uploader doesn't set it available in my country ... it's a red Lexus LS F-Sport .
  9. I haven't found anyone say anything about the steering , I wonder if they slightly change the steering angle like the Lexus GS ? I'm not sure , just ask .
  10. I am an old Car and Driver reader.  So I read their review.  Lots of typical, testosterone-laden comments.  So I wrote this: As someone who has both a GS and LS, I would like to TRY to explain why folks keep buying Lexus. Start with reliability—name one other brand that is still perfectly reliable with 200,000 miles on the clock.  Amazing how comforting it is to know the wife will never break down in a strange place.  Add in a sparkling audiophile-level sound system that resides in an interior silent enough to actually hear Beethoven at its quietest.  Then add a drivetrain so silky-smooth you can hardly believe there is an internal combustion engine in there somewhere.  Of course, the interior materials are simply majestic and wonderful to touch.  And yes indeed, Lexus are insanely fast in the hands of a skilled driver. Like most Lexus owners, I would now own no other brand.  These are cars whose incredible attention to the tiniest detail tell me I am much more important and valuable than I actually am.
  11. The new grille grows on me and I really like that F-Sport more than before. Keep it up Lexus! 
  12. This car looks amazing, especially the F-Sport, looks more mean than Cinderellas step mom. A8 looks like lego brick on wheels, 7series look like any other 3,5( so hard to tell until you come close or look at it harder lol), S-class is a pretty boy(use to be my fav sedan!), but now this LS is just mind blowing, if it looks this good as F-Sport, I might have to change pants when/if they produce a LS-F.
  13. F1

    Damn the LS460 looks so nice on the road
  14. F1

    Lexus is a pretty hated brand, the top haters of Lexus are; in order BMW Audi Mercedes Cadillac/other American brands But Lexus is also a loved and very popular brand by the people who own a Lexus and people who know what a quality car is.. Remember Lexus philosophy is 'The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection'
  15. Why Toyota and lexus are hated so much on the web?
  16. I read with pleasure. Thank you.