EVO Magazine Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

EVO Magazine Lexus CT 200h

The next CT 200h review comes from EVO Magazine, who didn’t come away all that impressed with the hybrid hatchback:

[The CT 200h is] Rather dull, unfortunately. For all the claims of being ‘authentically Lexus’, this is certainly no mini-iSF. You sit low – the hip-point is lower than that of an Auris, a car with whose underpinnings it actually shares very little despite superficial similarities including a double-wishbone rear end – so the first impression is promisingly, er, sporty. A busy, fidgety ride and quick steering add to that superficial impression.
Soon it’s clear that the responses are just a bit wooden, and there’s little keenness to alter cornering lines with the throttle. Transparency, flow and interactivity are in disappointingly short supply. Step-off from a standstill is pretty brisk but there’s little energy beyond 80mph, even in Sport mode. There’s also an Eco mode, with Normal in between, but the dofferences between all three aren’t nearly as marked as they are in a Honda CR-Z.

There are a number of points from the review that I would disagree with, especially when it comes to the interior, but really, when there’s concern about how the CT 200h performs over 80mph (128km/h), I have to question if the reviewer seeing the car for what it really is.

That said, this is EVO Magazine and the CT 200h is a 134-hp hybrid with a 0-60 time of 9.8 seconds — it’s hardly a great fit to begin with.

[Source: EVO Magazine]