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Autocar Drives the Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A Supercar

Autocar journalist Steve Sutcliffe was also had a chance to drive the Lexus LF-A at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed:

There’s a clonk from the transaxle when first gear engages, and as I pull away the ride immediately feels firm but refined, not at all racing car hard. Another faint but disappointing clonk as second and third are selected. A bit more throttle introduces a lot more noise into the cockpit; a cross between a 1980s Quattro and an F1 car from a few years ago, with a bit of Lamborghini-style crackling on the overrun for good measure.

It’s so wet I’m a bit reticent about nailing the thing wide open to begin with, not until fourth gear is selected at least, but when I do it is so immediately obvious that there is traction, and lots of it, I down-change to third and hold on tight, at which point the LF-A goes fairly berserk.

If I couldn’t set a faster lap time in this car around Goodwood than I could in a Ferrari 599 I’d be prepared to make a genuine attempt to eat my trousers.

Hard not to get excited by the reactions. As well, both of the LFA reviews are sprinkled with facts:

  • Production LF-A will be limited to 9000rpm
  • Near-perfect weight distribution of 48/52 (front/rear)
  • Carbon ceramic rotors, magnesium alloy 20” wheels
  • LF-A will weigh 1500kg (3,306 lbs.)
  • Chassis will be carbon composite, outer body will be aluminum
  • The LF-A will cost £250,000 ($405,800USD)

The price is extraordinary, no question, but it also seems to vary every time it’s mentioned. Time will tell how much it will cost when it hits production.

[Source: Autocar]