Video: AutoGuide Preview of the 2013 Lexus ES

AutoGuide has released the only video from the 2013 Lexus ES media preview so far, and as usual, it’s an excellent overview of the new sedan:

Great video — I’m always impressed by the work of Colum Wood & the AutoGuide video team.

(One thing that stands out with this video — the ES looks great on the road.)


  1. Last line "the hybrid is the one to get".  The breakdown of the sales number between the V6 and the hybrid will be very interesting.
    • Camry hybrid does 15% of Camry volume. I'd be shocked if this did more..... BD
    • With all due respect, I'd be shocked if it did less. I think someone with the cash to be walking into a Lexus dealer is going to be more interested in the hybrid option (especially with those great fuel economy numbers).  Only time will tell, but it's going to be interesting, for sure!
    • Like with the GS, sales of the hybrid go down the further up you go in price The People haven't shown that they will buy expensive hybrids in big numbers.  They will if prices are low (Prius) The RX450h also is around 15%, and that's pretty good for a $50k vehicle! BD
    • There is a ~$6,000 price premium for the RX Hybrid over the gas RX, and ~$10,000 on the GS (!!!). If they can close that price gap with the ES, I think they'll have a surprising amount of sales. Also, the fuel economy of the ES hybrid over the gas ES is pretty substantial (Over 50% is what the video claims). The RX and GS hybrids are ho-hum improvements over there gas counterparts. 
    • The RX and GS Hybrids have more standard equipment than their brothers, so the difference isn't really that much. Clues point to them being pretty close in price....... BD
    • Especially if the ES 350 & ES 300h are driven back to back -- I preferred the hybrid by a decent margin.
    • It's all in the pricing -- I'm hoping that Lexus wants to make a statement with the ES 300h and that the cost is about even with the ES 350.
    • Apparently Lexus is expecting / hoping 25% to be hybrid. I agree that pricing is crucial.  Its worth remembering though that the RX and GS hybrids also use V6 engines but this uses a I4.  So there is scope for a similiar price.  And whilst the trunk is smaller, its no where near the sacrifice previous generation buyers had to make.
    • After driving them both, I have to agree with Mr. Wood. ES 300h made quite an impression on me.
    • Will there be a f-sport version of the ES?
  2. it looks great in red
    • I'm interested to see what people think of the Matador Red ES in person -- I wasn't taken by it, but it sure looks good in this video.
  3. I'm not that happy on the trunk space on the hybrid.  I wish there was less leg room in the rear in favor of more trunk space.  (but that's just me) 
  4. I have another question here , how to mount license plate on front ? Doesn't see any space ! I don't like a double-tape way to mount license plate , I always prefer bolt on .
  5. When might the hybrid be available in the US?