Top Gear Drives the 2012 Lexus GS 450h

2012 Lexus GS 450h

Just to keep the reviews going, Top Gear Magazine also spent some time behind the wheel of the next-generation GS 450h — here’s what they had to say about the drive:

Lexus has thrown an almighty host of chassis tech at this car – from adaptive damping to an optional four-wheel steer system (which, like that in the Renault Laguna, turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speed to improve agility and tighten the turning circle, but turns the rears in the same direction as the rears at high speed for better stability) and the results are impressive.

The GS’s trademark body roll is controlled and you can push it much harder before it eventually succumbs to anguished tyre squeal. There’s little feedback from the steering – hardly unusual for this class of car – but the turn-in is far, far sharper than the current car’s. The most noticeable improvement is that the new GS, unlike its predecessor, doesn’t try to plough its nose into the road under heavy braking.

The only thing they could find to complain about was the steering wheel, which in itself is the biggest compliment I’ve ever seen Top Gear give a Lexus — in fact, with some of the brand’s biggest detractors struggling to find fault the new GS, I have to think this car is truly the real deal. Can’t wait to see it without the camouflage.

Read the full Lexus GS 450h Review in Top Gear Magazine (Thanks Mihai)!


  1. I strongly hate Top Gear magazine or tv show, they are Lexus hater's and we all know them plus Jeremy Clarkson is the classic unpleasant british. A review like that is just a miracle from them. That means just one thing: this is the best luxury sedan ever made not only by Lexus but even from all the other premium carmakers. That's it.
    • I agree with you, but I LOVE TOP GEAR! aha I'm a diehard Lexus fan, but Top Gear is my life! hehe :P
  2. 2RZ

    The Top Gear review of the LS460L is also very positive.. Jeremy Clarkson even goes as far as saying that the LS460L is more comfortable then a Rolls Royce..
    • Clarkson also said that the old LS was so perfect that it's boring! ...that the GS and RX are great cars without needing to say more! That's enough for me! aha
    • I don't remember that at all, do you have a link? Thanks! :-)
    • 2RZ

      Yeah here it is:
  3. I'm a Toyota crazy , but I never hate Top Gear even they never actually like a Toyota or Lexus or Scion ... I think Top Gear's review for Lexus , is somehow making sense if you think it in other way , the price is LFA is bit expensive is correct (even I've to admit it) , Lexus was always having bodyroll which the GS solved is (IS-F use hard suspension , so it's different story) & so on ... and I think I'm the only one who don't wanted a V8 GS .
  4. Cool thing! thanks for sharing. I have never heard about GS 450h!