Video Preview of the Next-Generation Lexus IS from Australian Drive

Here’s a video of the next-generation Lexus IS prototype from Australian publication Drive:

When talking about the engines, the presenter suggests that the IS will be getting new engines — that’s not true at all.

However, this review does have the first look at the rear seats (click for a larger image):

Next-Generation Lexus IS Rear Seats

The padded shape of the seat design is really appealing — great decision by the designers.


  1. Wasn't sure if I liked the look of the rear seats at first in the still shot....but I appreciated them more when viewing them in the video from a few slightly different angles....
  2. Looks like cabernet is coming to the IS...I'm in!
  3. If you look closely in the video the perferations in the front seats are "L"s in them. Pretty cool touch.
  4. Even though he's probably wrong I hope he's right. The GS needs something for next year's model so why not a new engine for both?
  5. 1. That's a pretty sizable rear window for a modern sporty car. 2. Is that a latch by the headrest to pull down the rear seats to extend the trunk space?
  6. The 3.5 version isn't in Australia, therefor it is a new engine to Australian's, mystery solved.
  7. Rear seat will be able to fold down tomincrease cargo capacity and move large objects, just like it should. I already read it somewhere, no mystery here.
  8. Are those 18 or 19" wheels?
  9. I like the wheels! My favorite of the newer Lexus vehicles' wheel designs.
  10. its actually the same as the old IS-250/IS-350 F-Sport Standard wheels 
  11. I'm waiting for the official unveiling.......
  12. Looks fun to Drive !