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Three Colorful LFAs

Update: At the request of the photographer, I’ve removed the images of the three Lexus LFAs. The original images he posted at Club Lexus & his Flickr account have also been removed.
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Calty Designers Talk about Lexus LF-Ch

Hard to believe I never featured this before, but here’s an fascinating six-minute presentation by two people responsible for designing the Lexus LF-Ch concept: Tom Matsumoto, the design team leader, and Edward Lee, the creative designer: This presentation took place during a Pecha Kucha Night, a unique one-evening conference that only allows presenters 20 slides …
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Lexus LS L-Select Custom Color Combinations

L-Select, the Lexus LS customization program available in Japan, has a brand new website with some (very small) photos of potential color combinations: Iris Topaz Beige Scarlet Rose Olive Umber Snow White Blue Gray Dark Brown Both the Blue Gray & Dark Brown may very well be Alcantara, which is a very nice touch and …
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Four Lexus LFAs All Together

Here’s something you don’t see every day — four Lexus LFAs all together: I was surprised to see that the Pearl Yellow LFA featured is not the same one we’ve seen previously, but instead a brand-new car with a Camel Yellow interior — check out some of these screenshots: Beautiful interior color, it just looks …
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Lexus Japan Art Works: GS in Sunset

We’ve already taken a look at the RX & IS Art Works special editions released by Lexus Japan today, but I’ve saved the best for last — just take a look at this GS in Sunset interior: Here’s some close-ups: This color combo is really something else (reminds me of the LS Sport interior), tasteful …
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Lexus Driver Assist Technologies HS 250h Review

Courtesy of Grant Winter from, this HS 250h video review focuses on three Lexus technologies that are increasingly found throughout the company’s lineup: The first technology, Lane Keep Assist (begins at 0:50), is also found on the LS line, and the warning feature is used on the GX. The second technology, the Wide-View Front …
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Blue Lexus LFA Spotted

A blue Lexus LFA has been filmed in Japan: This second video has some closeups, along with footage of the interior: Truth be told, I’m generally not a fan of blue, but on the LFA it looks super-fine—here’s the money shot: So we’ve seen white, black, matte-black, red & blue—what color’s next? (My guess: silver.) …
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Lexus HS 250h Inside Story

CanadianDriver has put up an interesting piece on the HS 250h interior as part of the website’s “Inside Story” series. Billed as a 7-day “review of interior comfort features, cabin controls, storage options, trunk space and under-hood accessibility,” this review features a non-Remote Touch equipped HS 250h, and describes the storage options available instead: At …