Lexus RC Coupe Interior Reveals Next-Generation Remote Touch System?

Lexus RC F Interior

The interior of the Lexus RC F prototype has also been photographed alongside the exterior— here are a couple images by way of gMotors:

Lexus RC F Interior Door Open

Lexus RC F Coupe Closed Door

All in all, the RC F interior appears to be near identical to the new IS — there is one curious change, if you zoom in close enough:

Lexus Remote Touch 3

While it could be anything, the area above the gear shift looks like a touchpad — in fact, it resembles the touchpad seen in the LF-CC concept:

Lexus LF-CC Touchpad

Will the new RC also introduce the next-generation Lexus Remote Touch system?

[Source: gMotors]


  1. That would be pretty sweet! The competition has nothing even close to that! BD
    • PG

      well... Audi and BMW have had that for a while. Their systems are pretty useful, e.g. for "drawing" the letters of a destination for the nav. This way you don't need to take your eyes off the road.
  2. My God this is getting better by the minute!
  3. Sweet! So this isn't just a fun car for extra sales, eh? This would be easier to use on rougher roads and address input a lot easier (think of the latest Audi MMI).
  4. ughhh just reveal the car already i cant freakin wait.. i cant wait to see this on the road
  5. MT

    Can they finally stick with something for a little while? The RT was introduced in the CT, a year later the GS gets a revised one. Now the coupe gets yet a new one. All the while still selling touch screens in the remaining ISes that are around some dealers here. That makes at least three generations of interfaces selling at the same time. :-(
    • continuous improvement - kaizen - never stand still
    • I agree bit strange to have so much different interfaces at the same time. They should at least put it in the new IS...
    • PG

      i agree that selling three different systems at the same time is not ideal. but when you miss important industry trends and come 10 years late to the party you'll have to play catch-up.
  6. Drawing pad > Joystick thingy , I meant ... I always see comments about the Joystick thingy on Lexus wasn't as user-friendly as drawing pad thingy from the German rival , so maybe using a drawing pad thingy would be a better choice . I can see interior are pretty much IS but slightly improved , but no Manual Transmission like I hope for ... I know they're not big market , but at least sells a little bit ? Please ?