A Closer Look at the 2014 Lexus IS Interior

2014 Lexus IS Interior

Yesterday, we took a closer look at the 2014 Lexus IS exterior, and now it’s time to examine the interior using photos from Autoblog’s extensive photo gallery — let’s start in the driver’s seat:

2014 Lexus IS Steering Wheel

The steering looks like a combination of the GS & LFA, with new controls for the audio system, telephone & voice control on the left and a circular navigator for the instrument panel display on the right (along with dynamic radar cruise control) — also visible are the new Lexus control stalks first seen in the new GS.

The biggest interior feature in the IS has to be the LFA-inspired circular instrument panel:

2014 Lexus IS Instrument Panel

Just like the LFA, the metal circle moves left & right to reveal menus and options — there’s some definite WOW factor to this feature, and will be the first thing new owners will show off.

Next up, the center console:

2014 Lexus IS Center Console

The main navigation display appears to be the same 8-inch navigation screen from the new ES, let’s zoom a little closer on the main control stack:

2014 Lexus IS Center Stack

While it shares the same analog clock as all new Lexus models, the temperature & radio controls are brand-new & unique — most notable are the electrostatic switches to control the temperature with the touch of a finger.

Right down the center console, the IS has the Remote Touch and Drive Mode Select controllers:

2014 Lexus IS Center Console

The new seats look great in the Rioja Red leather, both front & back:

2014 Lexus IS Front Seats

2014 Lexus IS Rear Seats

The rear seats have 60/40 split and fold down — this along with the increased rear room makes the back of the IS much more functional than the outgoing model.

All in all, the new IS interior is a huge step forward. From these photos, it looks comparable to the new GS in quality, which stands as my favorite Lexus interior ever — can’t wait to see it next week in Detroit.

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  1. To bad that the display ain' bigger. The space is there.
  2. When will Lexus switch out those same control stalks for the turn singal and wiper and cruise control that are the same on the toyotas for the past decade....
    • I agree the cruise control is the same as Toyota has for decade, but the control stalks for turn signal and wiper are new and different. They are the same as the new GS as krew has mentioned. They should style-function as the GS, and the new BMW's where they don't lock in place while signalling a turn, they return back to center. This is a picture krew posted back when the GS came out to compare with the two I've taken from Autoblogs pictures of new IS
    • also the tempreature control looks a bit cheap imo anyone else agree with me? Just looks like black plastic that was pulled out from a pos ford
  3. Love the bigger back seat!  You can see it is among the best in this class Hope they have other interior colors besides black..... BD
    • agreed it looks much bigger i wonder what the dimensions are compared with the out going model.  That's one of my biggest complains i have with the IS
  4. Looks like a wood or wood-like material at the base of the center stack possibly housing ML audio controller.  Plenty of wow features and although it lacks cohesiveness in some areas - its a handsome interior.  I'm not fully sold on the exterior however - need to see some additional colors & looking forward the official configurator going up on the Lexus site.  The car may have more curb appeal in person however right now I'd lean toward a pre-owned GS-F for a sedan if I stuck with the brand for an upcoming purchase.  In a perfect world, had an LF-CC been prepared to come out as shown in Paris I would be all over it.  If the urge for a coupe strikes me now, I'd have to go with the 4 Series.
  5. While I understand the need for the more robust steering wheel controls, and how they need to be tactile for using them without looking, but they are just so "chunky" looking. The steering wheel just doesn't look very slick. But the rest of the interior makes up for it.
  6. What would be a really nice touch, and a continuation of the new Lexus DNA is if the the instrument cluster's blue-glow turns to red during Sport S/S+ mode. I really like this touch in the CT, GS, and updated RX, and LS. 
  7. The whole area which controls the climate and audio looks absolutely awful! It doesn't fit with the rest of the interior and it looks like it has been copy-pasted from a car from 1999... 
    •  I agree 100%
    • Indeed, I dislike it as well.  That area in the current IS 250/350 still looks top-notch compared to this clutter. It looks very cheap with those non-uniform multi-leveled/angled "patch boards". The speedometer is out of this world though!
    • Totally agree what was Lexus thinking, did they just slot that in as an after thought at the end?  The current car is so way ahead of it's time and looks soo much better!
    • first of all its just button seriously wait until you see it in person before complaining 
    • I agree and I've already seen it in the Asian Camry. This kind of material always make it look cheap.
  8. I have to say that interior is top class.
  9. looks like the same old non-functional / adjustable head rests on the front seats. I hope not - but looks like it. Real shame - all parts of the seat should be functional - and actually provide "head rest". If it doesn't - that is a cheap omission from Lexus - this is supposed too finally be a driver's car!! The multiple body angles should make for interesting car washing experiences!! Also - while generally new and swanky - I agree with Alex - the middle column looks a but squashed/cramped/untidy-ish. There is a serene-finesse that seems missing. My overall opinion so far - interesting direction - but it does look like an up-market boy racer dream come true. I would have preferred the beautiful non-fussy lines of the LF-CC concept. Simplicity in design doesn't have to be boring or over the top. Hopefully the new IS will grow on us all when we see it in the flesh...
  10. Lexus needs to man-up and get a manual into this car.  With both engines. MAKE IT SO! BD
    • No sales, no go.
    • They've never tried with the 3.5.  Can't say they've tried. They want 3-series sales, they better go all out. BD
    • I don't get it. Why are you so keen on seeing lexus develop a manual version of the car? They may do it but the cost of building a manual version is not worth the cost. What i wanna see is throttle blip and launch control. Those would definitely place the car in a world of its own. Also, as many have noted the are a few things missing in the car which point out that these images are of the pre-production car and not the final product. I can tell you for sure that I'm glad that it's getting blind spot monitoring.
  11. I love that brushed aluminum piece under the audio controls! It looks like the Mark Levinson stereo is actually in the car! Lexus should make it more ostentatious. :P
  12. Can't wait to see this in person at Detroit!
  13. It looks so great..And iam looking forward to see the wagon or sportcrosss...I hope so much on that..:) 
  14. no memory front seats?
    • They have been in photos of the camo'd vehicles during reviews beside the door handles. They are likely missing because this is F-Sport package, probably available with the tech package. Wouldn't surprise me as Lexus has done this with the CT
  15. I love it. Its not like every other interior, its very unique.
    • I love Lexus - don't get me wrong - but apart from the leather and LFA inspired speed controls/dial - the entire centre consul is all over the place - smooth lines clash with hard ones - its like a 12 year (albeit bright 12 year old!!) put it together - looks like teh climate control section has been rammed into place, with th events just jutting out. Then the GPS display is just stuck there (wheres its nicely incorporated in the GS) it's very messy - just doesn't seem great for a brand new model from the photos. Whereas the new LS-F sport interior ....  ooooo, hello, I'd love to spend the night with you, if you know what I mean?? Iys like Lexus have just tried too hard to attract more "edgy" customers. As for the outside - mmmmm, I am reserving my position on that - if anyone cares - there's a little too much hyundai in all those curves and angles, and a little too little Jaguar/Aston Martin. Why not just simply use the LF-CC concept as the template - and add 2 more doors with a few reality adjustments?? I am on my own here thinking a feeling - a little disappointed?? Help me out here people!!!!
    • I think you should reserve judgement until you sit in it.Having said that,I am no better judge,but I do appreciate how everything that is important to the driver is tilted towards the driver,(shift lever,rotary dial for drive settings,etc.)while everything the passanger needs,they still have access to.My biggest concern(if I allowed food & drinks in my vehicles)would be getting our beverages mixed up.
    • Oh I agree Brad.... Seeing photos and being in the car in the flesh are 2 seperate things. I hope it'll be amazing. I just have a feeling....! I so want this car to finally have that "wow" factor, that's all so that I can say... Yep, love my Current IS250, now can't wait to love her upgrade! Lets hope for the best!
  16. You know what really hurts it is another six year wait for Lexus to correct their mistakes with this interior,the current model is pleasant inside and this is looks ugly and cluttered, only thing missing is the levers for temperature controls and we would be in a time ship back to the 80's, why is there the need for two control systems, why the knob and the mouse. The BMW system has never worked and is hated by all who try to find thing in the menu sub menu so why copy the idea. Simple is better. The fault is the five different vertical surfaces through the centre console it causes it all to be disjointed, and that is the ugly factor. Seat heating then logo followed by stereo, vent, and finally lcd display all tacked together in separate construction, premium class that is not, cheap yes.
    • i see u don't know anything about this car no ones copying any one why temperature control there are two from seats two people... each side has their own control just like every other car on the planet. 2) the mouse control the screen 3) its call a driver select nob i have to say this is the most awesome beautiful interior in its class  people who say its clutter are boring are whatever doesn't know anything  keep in mind the car isn't as wide as a GS/LS its a compact car therefore there wont be a lot of space in the center console. I love the fact that Lexus did something different.. i love how the radio section sticks out so drivers can see and doesn't have to feel for the controls its self giving them less time to looking and touch or feel and touch that way we can keep our eyes on the road... this interior is like no other and i am proud of Lexus. people here can complain about the smallest things and it just amuse me: seriously the steering wheel wiper control and turn signals look cheap?WOW! the center stack looks clutter?WOW it has all the buttons needed for the radio and climate system and its clutter am sorry but who every thing that this interior is ugly looks cheap or is clutter doesn't know anything about cars and design are simply hadn't been around cars long are you guys are just plain haters! and i know there are a lot of Lexus/Toyota Haters out there why all because they make great safe and reliable cars and one thing people you cant compare a 85000 DOLLAR CAR to a 40000 dollar one
    • Actually most people who write here are dedicated Lexus drivers and know a lot about them. We are not "haters" just passionate about wanting Lexus to be the best. So chill out, without constructive opinion, nothing would change!
    • No, most people who write here are 14-year pimple faced boys or people who is not actually in the market for a new Lexus anyway. Look at how many comments are about lowering it and "pimping" it with larger wheels and what not...
    • I'm a 31 year old man who the second got his hands on it would slam it low with 21's if they would fit. Don't get me wrong, I love it the way it is but we all want something MORE unique than the next even if this is one of the most unique rides soon to hit the streets.
    • I'm 40 years old, had a first and now have a 2nd gen IS and simply dislike the new center console.  All these knobs and dials on multiple levels gives it imho a cheap and unorganized look. Less = more, also in cars.
    • Couldn't agree more blkpantha. I am a 1 & 2 gen IS owner and dedicated LEXUS enthusiast and this is an outstanding interior design! When the latest GS model came out people were very harsh about the interior, saying its plain Jane and looks like BMW. But in my opinion these are very unique interiors that capture the modern essence of Lexus and definitely inspired by the LFA. If your knocking this interior your knocking the LFA. I really dislike soft interiors with rounded features such as the 2nd gen IS. Everyone that sits in my wife's 07 and then my 01 prefers the 01. More originality they say, and I see that originality has returned!
    • would have to disagree Lexicon - the beauty of the interior of the LFA is its simplicity - take a look at a picture of that interior and this the new IS. It is not that the competent parts here are bad or anything - and of course it is new and different fro the last IS (which was a bit boring - but that was 6 /7 years ago...) - it is just how it has been put together... it has clashes and an untidy setup - its not smooth and sleek. Now the LFA and LF-CC - they are stunning interiors - amazingly put together. OK the LFA does cost you the lottery! maybe we will all grow to love it - I imagine the non-F sport will be calmer - but hopefully not boring!! Let us all wait and see... only a while to go now!
    • I think they're mirror images really. Albeit the LF-CC is fancier with impractical touch screens and an awesome colour that make it obviously better but definatly inspired.
    • I drive the current IS so i do know a little about them , and I am just calling it how I see it, my interior design expectation are disappointed, my comment is towards the middle console only which is a mess, the current console is simple and functional and for the record i am no kid and are not bashing Lexus , just expressing my opinion to make the brand better, this is what will make the designer think about if they are on the right track, if I wanted a BMW look alike then I would buy a BMW to start with. It is not my first toyota lexus either nor will it be my last
  17. Why not leave it as it is now, which is perfection. Sure you can change the speedometer etc to digital, but everything else here is just a mess. DO NOT WANT!
  18. It's a pretty nice interior.. Overall its better than the previous one. Except for the centre dash part. Some will like the new dashboard. But the previous IS250/IS350 had a very elegant and functional dashboard..
    • And remember the facelift of the previous IS250/IS350 had the improvement in the interior. The pre facelift wasn't as good as this one!
  19. Every new car I see and everyone on the internet always says the exact same thing. "The old one looked better than this! etc."  I disagree.  The old one was excruciatingly boring. How many "waterfall" interior arrangements have been done before? Look at the rest of the dash, it's just a sea of black. The new one at least gives you something interesting to look at. Plus from just the photos you can tell they used better materials and more of them in the new one. I personally much prefer matted aluminum to the shiny stuff they used in the old one around the shifter knob.  And I still can't get over the LFA dials. I would buy this whole car just for that alone.
    • Agreed William..  The "shiny" stuff was just painted plastic anyway.. and lest we forget the non nav equipped versions messy multi lcd panel central display.. However the outgoing model with nav was quite elegant but yes a little boring.  (Green digital retro clock in the wrong place was the highlight though!)  This is nit picking though I still loved the car though! Am sure the new one will be better in everyway... I do hope it doesnt creak and rattle like my 06 did though..
    • Couldn't have said it better! Best interior out there.
  20. guys, hold your horses...clearly this the proto-type, no visible park sensors,memory seats,reverse camera...we've all waited sooo long for the new generation IS... in 72hours all will be revealed....then fair comments can be made...
    • Agreed.... I vented all I need to. I'm going to wait for the official launch and let's all hope it'll amaze!! Otherwise ill be back! ;)
    • Actually, the reverse camera is there if you look at the pictures. This car is very likely production ready. People are forgetting, this is the F-Sport package. We have yet to see a the regular edition, with a less aggressive spindle grill, lower portion of front-end (which will likely have fog lights). Again, for the memory seats, it has been seen in the reviews of cars covered in camo (located on the door handle). I have a feeling it won't be available on the F-Sport. Why are you certain parking sensors will be standard on all versions of the vehicle? Pretty sure they are a option (at $500) for 2nd-Generation. The CT only had memory seats included with a upgraded package. The GS has memory seats in Luxury package, not standard. With that being said, wait until we see the unveiling and details of other packages (luxury package, technology package) are given. It would not surprise me in the least, if Lexus had no parking sensors standard on the F-Sport package, but just on the technology package. We have to remember that there will also be versions without a remote-touch too. This 350 F-Sport also has LED headlamps, where we've also seen single HID headlamps.
  21. I agree with everyone who thinks this is the correct setup and disagree with the rest. You need to separate climate and audio controls due to the fact that if the screen fails you still need to be able to control the climate and the audio. Great step from Lexus for thinking about the buyer. However, I don't understand how the seat temperature setting works. Is it Warm - Nothing - Cold or is it Toasty - Warm - Mild heat - no lights - Mildly cold - Cold - Freezing? There are a few things missing all around which will be added when the car is officially launched. I would hope that they have better materials for the production version, like the plastic under the seat. Love the carbon fiber on the car. Excellent decision. Would love to see it all around for the F-Sport. Don't be stingy Lexus .. do it. The red leather and stitching is phenomenal ...  I hope the screen is bigger and uses all the real estate. I don't like black bars on the top or sides. From what I can see, the screen folds down. As for those people that don't like the new head light/bumper design, I believe the non F-Sport version will be normal. Something like the older version/LFA. 2 Days 7 Hours and 40 mins to go
  22. The tail lights spoil this car. Again, Toyota can't seperate distinctive and ugly. This car will perform worse than the out going generation, overall, like the GS. It is good that they toned down the ES headlights from the original design. Nonetheless, the interiors are still on the top. They underdid the LS while overdid with the IS. Their sedan line sale champion will be based solely on the ES. I hope Toyoda san won't mess up with the RX and know what make car distinctive yet beautiful for their SUV line.
  23. i love lexus but the new interiors are so ugly and lack color just like BMW and Mercedes which is one of the main reasons why Lexus is my favorite, i wish they went to the old style where they used wood.
  24. Sat in one at the show today, and just as i expected, totally not worth it for the money. looked like lexus spent all the money on the LFA like gauge cluster, and spent no money on the climate control buttons. all buttons are flat rectangular shape vs the contoured, carefully designed buttons found in infiniti, bmw, and audi. the leather is softer and smoother than the rest, but that could lead to faster wear and tear as well. Lexus are nice cars, but we need to remember it was a value lexus, and should still be, but the price doesn't reflect that. To use a loaded 335i as comparison at 53k, a similarily loaded is350 F should be at least 7k cheaper.