Lexus CT 200h Creative Textile Special Edition from Japan

Lexus CT 200h with Creative Textile Interior

Lexus Japan will be releasing the CT 200h with a special-edition Creative Textile interior — the cabin is black NuLuxe with red or blue contrast stitching, along with a silver-chrome trim:

Lexus CT 200h Creative Textile Interior

Lexus CT 200h Creative Textile Interior Trim

Also included in the package are high-gloss 17-inch wheels & LED headlights — the exterior color is limited to Starlight Black, and will have a suggested price of ¥ 4.06 million ($51,951 USD).

(This Creative Textile CT may not be the most dramatic special edition to come out of Japan, but it’s always nice to see a variety of options.)

[Source: Lexus Japan]


  1. Expensive & subtle,but nice.Have to like SE models!
  2. Still waiting for Lexus to introduce the F-Sport supercharger as an option and dealer installed upgrade Also waiting on the Lexus fix for the useless sun visor on the CT200h
  3. 52k for a freaking hatch Prius?  Really Lexus?  Your cars are good, but not that good.  That's like IS-F territory.  Come on now....
  4. Gilbert, those are japanese prices, like the EU and in Japan cars are more expensive than in the States (you lucky bas****) the cheapest CT in the Netherland's is about 30000 euro's ./.!
  5. And Gibert, IS-F territory in the Netherlands is 105.000 euro's not 52 K, i wish it was 52 K for an IS-F
  6. Again lexus is being slow to respond to competition, soon they will find themselves playing catch up. THE CT NEEDS MORE POWER, NEW BIGGER WHEELS AND NEW FRONT END.
    • Joe

      You are right, unfortunately.  TMC is too busy with production and resources optimization: a bigger engine won't sell enough - the CT 200h is already too expensive compared to its direct competitors.  I hope Akio Toyoda gets to look at the CT and puts a bit more passion into this car:  the steering and chassis set up is so begging for more power and this would mean so much for the image of the CT.  That new front end will appear sooner or later, that's for sure.  But those bigger wheels and bigger engine won't happen, I'm afraid...
    • What the CT needs is variety. Something to appeal to everyone. That's always been a problem with Lexus: variety. They need to offer a simple gasoline/diesel-powered CT (no hybrid) for certain markets and thus give consumers the choice of selecting the CT they want: gasoline, diesel, hybrid.
  7. The current IS is beautifully shaped it should be top selling everywhere. Problem is lexus just didnt spice it enough. same with previous gen GS, was a very nice clean looking car that just needed spicing up. And Lexus Marketing just aint doing enough.
  8. Joe

    "Exterior colour is limited to Starlight Black"...  a bit too much of a silver look on the picture, though... :-)