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Lexus News: Special Editions

Lexus Japan Releases Special Edition NX 200t & NX 300h

Blacked out spindle grille and black accents, available in five exterior colors.

New Lexus NX SPORT Package Introduced in Europe

Black side mirrors, black grille, black wheels, available in October.

Lexus CT 200h SPORT Package Launches in Europe

Lexus UK has released photos and details on the new CT 200h SPORT package.

Lexus Spain Announces Blacked Out CT 200h Sport Edition

Lexus Spain has announced a new CT 200h SPORT edition with blacked out grille, roof, and wheels.

Lexus China Announces Two Special Edition CT 200h Models

Two limited edition CT 200h trims have been released: The Chocolate edition and the Dark Knight edition.

Lexus Planning “Big Engine” Turbocharger?

Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin weighs in on what the future holds for Lexus turbochargers.