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Instant Success: Lexus Sells First LY 650 Luxury Yacht

Lexus LY 650 Yacht

Rob Parmentier, CEO of the Marquis-Larson Boat Group, has announced that Lexus has found the first customer for its new 65-foot LY 650 yacht — here’s a quote from Trade Only Trade:

“We’ve already sold the first hull,” says Parmentier. “It’s a more traditional build than the 42 [foot Lexus Sports Yacht Concept], which was built like a spaceship with all sorts of high-tech features. This boat won’t be as complex as that 42.”

For some perspective, Mercedes released their Arrow460-Grandturismo yacht earlier this year with a limited production run of 10 boats — one unit for each country where the yacht is available for sale.

(Another note — the article also mentions that the yacht’s interior was designed by Italian firm Nuvolari-Lenard, with help from Lexus engineers.)

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  • September 11, 2018
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  • September 11, 2018
Do you mean a yacht a bit more pricier than LS500h? I didn't thought about that. It makes sense considering Toyota could had brought the Ponam series from Japanese market. It seems it is more preferable assigning the job to an already established yacht manufacturer.

Still though, the spindle grille is distinctively missing, don't you think?
Ponam is Toyota, not Lexus... it is not luxurious, also they dont have any way to service those in the USA.

To sell anything you have to be able to use it and service it - fuel it at any port and have service availble for any issues in all of the major ports. Or else, how can buyer use it?
Ian Schmidt
I don't see any surface on that boat that would work with a spindle, and that's what I meant above about not forcing details that don't fit.
You are right. The spindle grille would look out of place on that yacht.

I loosely meant having the prerequisite of Lexus presenting a true flagship, like it did with LS400, which put the Lexus brand immediately at the top of the heavy weight category.

I believe a design resembling a car hood, like the Tankoa Bolide concept, would be awesome with the spindle grille and the INTERSECT design theme.

There would be just needed additional space for hydrogen refueling pumps, side floats to accommodate hydrogen gas tanks and some slender hulls to carry a few Lexus cars and a boat.

Okay, I have to curb my excitement and remain level-headed. :blush:
Okay I know nothing about Yachts but how much is this baby gonna cost??
Okay I know nothing about Yachts but how much is this baby gonna cost??
probably between 1m and 10m, depending on equipment... in general, Yachts are very customizable.