Confirmed: No Lexus LFA Special Editions Planned

Lexus LFA AD-A & AD-B

Despite the two mystery prototypes (see: AD-A & AD-B) currently racing around Nürburgring, Lexus has no special edition LFAs planned.

“These LFA units spotted at Nürburgring are one-off vehicles developed by the TMC technical division, and are currently being tested for technical purposes only,” Etienne Plas, senior manager of product communications for Lexus Europe, told me via email, “We have no plans to produce and sell any new special edition of the LFA.”

Given the 500 unit hard limit for the LFA, it seemed unlikely that any special editions would be released so late in the game, and now we have confirmation — time to put that rumor to rest.

(As for the technical or research purpose of these two LFA prototypes? I can only speculate, but we might be looking at the start of a next-generation Lexus supercar that picks up where the LFA left off.)