Lexus LFA Almost Sold Out

Lexus LFA Almost Sold Out

Two years since its launch, the Lexus LFA is in the final months of its 500-unit production run, and remaining inventory “is down to single digits”, according to Tim Morrison, Lexus USA vice president of sales.

(Let’s take a guess when Lexus will announce the LFA is completely sold out — I’m going with August 10th.)

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  1. I'm surprised it isn't sold out already.... 
  2. CarAdvice has a nice article on TMG & how they plan on introducing some special models in the Lexus & Toyota line-ups.There was also a picture of an LFA pictured in this article.It looks very simular to the rumored LFA II on each side of the front fascia.It also sports raw CF,a NACA duct & some other hood venting,special wheels & tires,larger rear spoiler & other extensive upgrades.I've been very excited about this news since I viewed it last night!Definately worth checking out!
  3. MD

    They need to start building buzz about the LFA II. Lexus needs this momentum going. LFA kicked major a** in this year's 24 hours Nurburgring race, but next year they will have nothing.
  4. Hopefully the 650HP LS TMG will see the light of day....... BD
  5. sold out in 10 of june 2014