Video of the Mystery Lexus LFA AD-A

The mystery Lexus LFA AD-A has been caught on video:

It might just be the new exhaust, but there’s a deeper sound to the LFA engine — perhaps the V10 has also been modified?

(This Turquoise LFA has turned into quite the puzzle — can’t wait until the full story is revealed.)


  1. WOW. Tweaked V10, new exhaust system, intake manifold? 
  2. Holy cow. This guy is running the full 11/10's. Ringing that thing out and then some. 
  3. Not looking to go incognito in that color.... BD
  4. PG

    Perhaps this really is a tweaked version of the V10 being tested for duty in the GS-F. They would have had to make the engine less peaky, with more torque down low. Probably they bored it out to 5.0L or something.
    • Let's hope so. They can also drop it in the new IS-F and LS-F, Lexus however has said that the exoticv V10 is to expensive for the GS. If it wad to go in the GS-F In don't think they will bore it out. Longer stroke and different header is more plausible. That would give you a deeper sound, but limit super high rpm's somewhat.
    • No that will never happen. It is an extreme version of LFA being tested. The exact cost to produce the engine is $157,000 because all of its parts are very exotic and made with very specific methodologies. It will never be used in anything, but LFA.
    • No this looks more like chassis testing considering how that monster is going through turns at explosive speeds. Like AutoZeitung Germany reported, this is an extreme version of the LFA built to rip Nurburgring in less than 7 minutes.
    • The engine is probably stroked to 5.0 liters since the engine looks less high strung so they probably gave up some high rpms (redline reduced to probably 8500 rpm) in order to gain more power (600 + HP)  and torque earlier in the rpm band.
    • The engine definitely has more torque. It is in my opinion the good old V10 with exhaust mounted turbos, hence the tail pipes relocation. I still believe Lexus is working on different turbo applications for high compression engines like the LFA. Something BIG is coming that no one expects... other than me ;)
  5. If it was just to test the engine, all the aero teaks would be pointless... This is a whole new package that's for sure.
  6. A free flow exhaust system perhaps? That could explain the deeper noise.
  8. AutoZeitung Germany reporting this is a new special extreme edition of the Lexus LFA. The exhaust has been routed to below the tail lights to get a more aggressive diffuser where the tri-exhaust used to be to get more downforce. The Nurburgring lap time of this LFA according to AutoZeitung will be a record 7:00 minutes or less and they say Lexus has squeezed out more power from the V10 where it is making somwhere in the 600 HP region. Let's see if this turns out to be true.
  9. I seeing a sub 7 minute time here
  10. My only question is, where'd the radiators go? are they still the same place?, how'd having the exhaust there affect cooling?
  11. That thing was flying !   I dont kno about the rest of you but that color looks sweet on the LFA matched with the black hood and roof.
  12. This LFA have something to do with the LFA-GTE race car which never competed Le Mans 24 hour race. i know is different LFA but may be same engine?
  13. Bam

    That sound says mooove bitch, move out da way!
  14. Is this the same car or different from the first video?