Mystery Lexus LFA Spotted at Nürburgring

A Lexus LFA has been spotted on the Nürburgring sporting a number of unique modifications:

Mystery Lexus LFA Side

Mystery Lexus LFA Rear

Looking like a Nürburgring Edition for the most part, this LFA has been augmented with a new front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a major exhaust modification — here’s a close-up:

Lexus LFA Exhaust Modification

Right now, there’s no details whatsoever, but there is a notable AD-A decal right behind the front wheels:

Lexus LFA AD-A Decal

So is it a new LFA race car? An official prototype for a future LFA revision? A gutsy owner? Leave your best guess in the comments.

[Source: GMotors]

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The rear wing looks a bit small, but other than that it looks fantastic.