Second Mystery Lexus LFA Spotted in Germany

A second mystery Lexus LFA has been spotted outside of Nürburgring in Germany, with this one apparently sporting a AD-B decal:

Considering the similar paint scheme, it can only be assumed that this lime green LFA is related to the mystery AD-A spotted last week — though unlike the AD-A, this AD-B does not have a modified exhaust setup.

Not much is known about these two LFAs, but we can cross one point off — here’s a quote from Bertel Schmitt of TTAC:

…it’s time for the absolutely last resort in news-gathering: Pick up the phone, call Toyota. When I call them, they have never heard of the baby blue LFA. I send them a few links, now they have.

They promise to ask around, and an hour later, Toyota spokesman Joichi Tachikawa says that “this test was part of the many research activities” Lexus conducts, never mind the fact that the LFA production is going into its home stretch and won’t extend beyond 2012, there still remains work to be done.

We now have confirmation that the AD-A & AD-B LFAs are official Lexus prototypes — however, the big question remains: just what is Lexus researching?

(Thanks Bobby!)


  1. I'm all a-tingle with excitement!
  2. If production is ending, this is a very strange time to research anything...... BD
    • I don't think there is ever a bad time for research remember the LFA is what's giving way to all the new Lexus performance cars
  3. It's either a mule for the LFA II or a mule for their one million dollar supercar! Either way, I'm excited!
  4. Could be working on the Roadster or the next LFA...... BD
  5. Weird ... o.O
  6. I reckon Lexus is working on a new sports car, or perhaps, a new supercar. 
  7. I think its a  mule for the LFLC i.e. the SC replacment 
  8. Toyota family kick ass lol. ISF ft86 and LFA, best lookig cars ever