New Lexus LC Inspiration Series Coupe to Debut at Pebble Beach

Lexus USA will debut its second Inspiration special edition LC coupe at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Officially called a “concept”, the exterior is Flare Yellow accented by 21-inch black forged aluminum wheels:

Inside, the LC coupe features yellow Alcantara door inserts and yellowing stitching throughout the cabin:

The first Lexus LC Inspiration Series coupe debuted early this year, and was limited to just 100 units. Expect more details on this latest edition in the near future.

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This is nearly as gorgeous as the structural blue. And, while I’m likely a few decades away from being able to afford one, it would be cool to see a colour other than red and shades of white/silver/grey/black on the site. Was Structural Blue a colour you could “build & price” on Lexus websites in other countries? (I’ve seen a few of them listed on Autotrader in the US.)
I need to see this in person but I love it. I love the yellow doors but not so sure on the white seats and trim, I think black would have been bettter but the white is bold.

It is great to see Lexus continue to offer these great colors in a world where others are doing black/grey, silver, light silver, dark silver and white.
  • Joe
  • August 24, 2018
Seems to me that this is exactly the same execution as the European 'Yellow Edition', with the exception of the wheels. Unfortunately, the European version gets the existing 21" alloys from the normal line-up. They are gorgeous, but for a special series I personally prefer the blacked out spoke versions of the U.S. series as it goes very well with the carbon roof and makes a nice contrast with the Flare Yellow body colour.
Not a big fan however of the interior colour combination. The yellow parts could have been a bit more subtle...