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Lexus News: Lexus LC: First Generation


The All-New Lexus LC: First Drive in Spain

Everything’s under wraps until next week, but here are a couple photos in the meantime!


Video: The Lexus LC GT500 Race Car Takes on Autopolis Circuit in Japan

The new LC GT500 was filmed with its NSX & GT-R competitors.


Video: Watch the Lexus LC 500 Engine Transformed into 525 Horsepower Monster

Major modifications bring 2UR-GSE massive power upgrade.


World’s First Customized Lexus LC 500 on Display at SEMA Show

Boosted to 525 horsepower and outfitted in a custom body kit from Artisan Spirits.


Video: Listen to the Lexus LC 500 on the Nürburgring

Absolutely magnificent, you must hear this.


Photo Gallery: Black Lexus LC 500h in Italy

This black LC is part of the display at Brera Design Days in Milan.