Customize Your Lexus LC with New Bespoke Build

The LC is now customizable, with Lexus USA offering a Bespoke Build that allows buyers to configure the coupe with a mix of different options and colors. It will now be possible to pick & choose the LC 500’s wheels, spoiler, and roof, opening the door for a carbon fiber roof and spoiler and the 21-inch forged alloy wheels that were previously only available on the LC Inspiration Series.

There’s also a new exclusive interior color called Manhattanhenge, which is best described by the press release:

The exclusive Manhattanhenge interior color name is derived from a rare New York City occurrence befitting of the Bespoke Build. On these two special days a year, the rising or setting sun aligns perfectly with the main Manhattan street grid, creating a beautiful orange glow that illuminates the urban skyline.

Lexus LC Manhattanhenge Interior

The LC 500 Bespoke Build configurator will launch on the Lexus USA website on November 17, where buyers will be able to customize and place an order for their vehicle online. The selected Lexus dealer will provide updates throughout the production process for a truly personalized experience.

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Full range customization should always be standard on flagships. People who buy this kind of car buy exactly what they want, not some cookie cutter color combination available on the lot. It's always annoying when your favorite interior color is not available with your favorite exterior color.

Lasse J. Nordvik

I sincerely hope this will also be offered to customers outside the US. I should also very much like to see it extended to all the flagship models.