Lexus Chief Engineer Koji Sato: “The LC project is not finished yet”

Lexus LC Not Finished

Lexus LC chief engineer Koji Sato sat down for an interview with Top Gear to discuss the future of the flagship coupe:

Top Gear: What do you think is so special about the LC?

Koji Sato: It shows that Lexus, working with Akio [Toyoda, son of the Toyota founder and Toyota CEO] has mastered the handling performance. Particularly the steering – you can feel the front tyres and get that feedback, have a conversation. This kind of feeling is our focusing point for Lexus, to create our clear driving taste.

TG: Is there anything about the LC that you would like to go back and change?

KS: There is no need to go back. The LC project is not finished yet. Every year we implement some important improvement points for LC. So we are always moving forward. It’s never ending.

Of course, the conversation turned to a high-performance variant of the LC:

TG: What’s next for the LC? We’ve seen spy photos of an LC-F being tested.

KS: I cannot share the details of that project but LC has a big meaning for the Lexus brand. So that means the LC needs to have some more – you see my face [breaks into a big smile].