Lexus Hybrids are “Fast as h” in New LC 500h Commercial

Lexus Fast as H Commercial

Lexus USA aims to change perception of hybrid performance with their new “Fast as h” marketing campaign:

Lexus vice president of marketing Cooper Ericksen shares some background into the commercial:

“Our recent consumer research revealed that the greatest barriers to hybrid sales are perceptual,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus vice president of marketing. “People believe if they choose a hybrid, they have to compromise on performance, value or styling. The new campaign seeks to prove that hybrids are the very best versions of our vehicles.”

“We use Lexus’ legendary craftsmanship to engineer high-performance hybrids, and we now offer them at a comparable price to gas models,” Ericksen added. “Not just for the eco-conscious, Lexus hybrids offer performance, luxury and the added benefits of hybrid.”