Lexus Expects Convertible to Make up Half of LC Sales in USA

Website Motor1 spoke to Lexus LC Convertible chief engineer Koji Sato about sales expectations for the new drop-top:

“In the U.S. market, the convertible will share almost half [of sales] with the coupe,” Sato notes. “That means we are expecting the same level of excitement in that market.” Cities like Los Angeles and Miami, which “don’t get a lot of rain,” he says, make more sense for the LC Convertible than many other global markets.

Lexus USA sold 1,979 LC coupes last year, and are on track to sell less than 1,000 units this year. Projected out, this would put the LC Convertible put the LC Convertible at a peak of approximately 1,000 units per year in the USA — a modest ambition for a new vehicle, but understandable given the small market for a flagship drop-top.

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