Rendered: Imagining A Coupe Between the LC 500 And LFA

Estonian Designer Siim Pärn has mashed up the Lexus LFA and LC coupe into a mutant modern supercar:

Lexus LFA LC Full

The rendering may pull too heavily towards the LFA, the chrome grille surrounds may be too much, and the halogen bulbs may ruin the illusion, but Pärn’s heart is definitely in the right place. If anything, it shows how far ahead the LFA was in terms of design and details.

What do you think? Is this the Lexus of your dreams or your nightmares?

Lexus LC: First GenerationLexus LFAPhotochops


Maybe you're close to something special again, Toyota trademarked LF-Z and "Hydrogen Drive":



Considering Hybrid Synergy Drive is Hybrid Drive for Lexus, perhaps they’re connected and a future zero emissions will run on Hydrogen.
When we consider GA-N don’t have a lot more space to scale up its Fuel Cell or the battery on a sedan, we might be close to a hydrogen sports coupe concept on GA-N for Lexus…
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No it doesn't work. Both are flagships, a GT and Supercar. Would work if we had more accessible coupes. We have the RC but we need to compete with the entry level. 🙏