Lexus LC is the 2018 Auto Express Coupe of the Year

The Lexus LC is the 2018 Auto Express Coupe of the Year, beating out the Audi A5 and Porsche 718 Cayman as the top pick:

The LC uses lessons learned from the LFA supercar and is one of Lexus’s best-driving models ever. Yet its 2+2 layout, sumptuous cabin and roomy boot make it nearly as usable as an IS saloon.

The hybrid LC will be a wise choice for most owners, because it has plenty of performance, despite claimed economy of 44.1mpg. It still handles beautifully, too. However, the V8 model is the same price to buy, and its powertrain will excite enthusiasts much more.

Lexus LC: First Generation
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Lexus LC Named 2018 Auto Express Coupe of the Year


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I wasn't expecting the Lexus LC to win though because British journalists typically are very biased towards German cars. No offence.
Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I thought it had no chance since the sister magazine in Germany had nothing good to say about the LC500 when it was reviewed and compared to the RS5.

Remember that this comes on top "Wards Top 10 interior award" in 2017.
This is great for the brand , absolutely great !!!
Something start to change up in a good way