Lexus LC Convertible to be Released by 2020?

Lexus LC Convertible

A convertible Lexus LC is a natural extension of the flagship coupe, and UK outlet Auto Express maintains that a production model will be released within the next two years:

The drop-top has been given the green light internally; an inside source at the company said the LC drop-top was a “done deal” and likely to see the light of day within 18 months to two years.

Yoshihiro Sawa, president of Lexus International, told Auto Express: “I hope that we will have a convertible in the near future. We know the luxury market requires a convertible.

“We are always studying the possibilities. And yes, technically it’s possible.”

In recycling their rumor from earlier this year, Auto Express has used the opportunity to release the above rendering — clearly, there is no bad way to chop the roof off the LC coupe.