Special Edition Lexus HS 250h Now Available in Japan

Lexus HS 250h Harmonious Interior

Lexus Japan will release a special edition HS 250h in June with the exclusive Harmonious Leather Interior II package.

The interior features black & white leather with violet highlights, along with beautiful birds eye maple & ash wood trim — here are some photos:

Any exterior color can be chosen, though an exclusive Starlight Black option is available with the package. The HS 250h Harmonious Leather Interior II will retail for 4.63 million yen.

North American sales of the HS 250h were discontinued in 2012. The model is now only available in Japan.

[Source: Lexus Japan]


  1. Why the HS is rubbish. But I guess they love this in Asia.
  2. The interior looks really nice!
  3. I never cared for the ho hum exterior but always loved the interior.
  4. lexus never gave this car a chance with the update, but i guess buisness is buisness
  5. Interior rocks, exterior isn't that bad, the CLA doesn't look so much better actually