Lexus Discontinues the HS 250h

Lexus HS 250h Discontinued

By way of Inside Line, Lexus has confirmed that the HS 250h has been discontinued:

In an e-mail response to an Inside Line query, Toyota said: “Production of the HS 250h ceased in January, 2012. Lexus continues to monitor sales for each product and we make adjustments to make sure that we meet market demand, and the discontinuation of HS was part of that adjustment. The ES 300h is not replacing HS in our lineup. It’s merely part of the hybridization of many of our existing vehicles in the Toyota and Lexus lineups.”

Lexus makes an interesting distinction in their annoucement, stating that the ES 300h “is not replacing HS” — and yet, the HS 250h always felt like a placeholder, occupying a small corner of the market while Lexus prepared the CT and now the ES hybrid.

Despite any other issues that existed with the HS, there’s no question that it was squeezed out of the lineup — a sad end to an unfortunate vehicle.

[Source: Inside Line]


  1. Might be a good thing too , because it's ... not really having market on any place on earth .
  2. Surely next year's IS300h will replace the HS250h?
  3. I guess the better "decision" for the "Toyota SAI" would have been to bring it as an "Prius sedan" to the North American market.
  4. Yes the HS250H wasn't an eye pleaser to be honest
  5. An ugly little spud of a car that was a black mark on Lexus as far as I'm concerned.  I'm glad it was put out of it's misery.
  6. I thought it was going to be a major face lift and they would redo everything like the GS(i know for the GS it wasn't a face lift!)
    • HS didn't really have a future. Lexus kind of screwed it when they tried to introduce in the US market a hybrid mid-size sedan one step under the GS450h. 
  7. This will car will be forgotten, never to be spoken of again, much like the old ES250.
  8. THANK GOD! This car gave Lexus a bad rep. Sorry HS, you're ugly and you look less luxurious than a Kia. Sorry true statement.
  9. This car was a corolla with a lexus badge. Its gone and no one cares. Moving right along to better things...
  10. I forgot this car even existed, good riddance
  11. I think the HS will be a sleeper. I understand the flaws of the car and why it isn't selling, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be. It's well made, it has a very nice interior, it's the only vehicle in a segment it created, and it's just all around unique. The price is what really killed this car. Why spend $40k when the car next to it is prettier, cheaper, and more powerful?
    • You're right. I bought an IS 250 AWD full equipped in 2008 and replaced it with the HS in 2010 just for the fun of having an hybrid. Thankfully for me I leased it and in March I will run away from it even dough I have no real complaint about the car outside of his bulkier look outside. I don't know if I will buy another Lexus because there no coupe in any model except the convertible and I'm tired to pay over 2000$ fot transport and prep in Canada...
  12. Make a front like the ct and call it ct sedan with prices round 30 - 35 grands.  
    • Lexus already has four sedans in their lineup. No other luxury car brand has that, not taking into consideration the "coupe sedans" like the CLS, A7 and Grand Coupe. They should stick with the IS, ES, GS and LS. They need another entry-level CUV for their SUV market since there's just three models, the RX, GX and LX and the GX and LX are not truly Lexus cars.
    • The A7, CLS and Gran Coupe are SEDANS. The respective marketing of these companies tries to pass them off as "four-door-sedans" for just that: marketing reasons.
  13. sure it replaces the HS 250. price point and same target customer equates to replacement.
  14. Has anhy of you seen the car for real? I have in Japan and depending the color it looks, well... not bad and because it is a Lexus, it is very refined and put together and drives very smoothly, quietly.
  15. Osu

     I never liked this model. Some what surprised that it even existed
  16. Yes, I have seen this (unfortunate looking) things driving around CA and its a damn shame that Lexus rebadged this Toyota Sai and attempted to sell it for 5k more here in the states.  Lexus isn't going to "distance itsself" as a brand from Toyota by pulling crap like that...
  17. Its about time. A person would have to be an idiot to buy that car. It was overpriced and had worse fuel economy than cars out there that aren't even hybrids
  18. Unlike like people here Ive been inside the HS and drove it. Its very smooth and the interior is really nice.  In that Lexus red and the bigger optioned wheels it not bad looking to be honest people need to relax
    • I never actively disliked the HS, I never really liked it either. Definitely not a bad car, but just too middle-of-the-road to fit in the Lexus lineup. Should have been a Toyota in North America.
  19. The HS was too awkward looking for people to spend ES350 amounts of money on, regardless of fuel economy or not. Glad it didn't make it down under. The optional 18 inch wheels looked good though - Lexus should make it optional on the CT200h - be a real looker!
  20. The badge alone is not enough to warrant the premium price over the a Prius or Corolla hybrid.  It's a good thing to see it go.  
  21. I really don't like the huge plastic front of the car but I REALLY LIKE IS THE BLUEISH WHITE WHEN the snow fell on it...
  22. Most of the criticism here is just so wrong. If you didn't like the looks of the HS that is your business, but the car itself is very comfortable and efficient. It has more power than expected and has proven to be as reliable as any Toyota or Lexus ever produced. 
  23. so lexus couldn't build me an isf coupe or one with an 6 speed manual so instead they built this thing, a disgrace to the lexus brand, it wont be missed
  24. I own a 2010 hs250h for the past year and I love it!! It just needs to be a little longer for more leg room but other wise I would get another one