Lexus to Enter Modified LFA CODE X in Nürburgring 24 Hour Race

Lexus LFA Code X

Lexus & Gazoo Racing have announced that an “enhanced sports car research vehicle” called the LFA Code X will be racing in this year’s Nürburgring 24 hour race:

Compared to the LFA’s base 4.8-liter V10 engine, the research vehicle’s engine displacement has been increased to 5.3 liters and system output and torque has been fine-tuned to better suit the Nürburgring course.

Other enhancements include a full carbon frame body to enhance body-rigidity while reducing vehicle weight.

The LFA Code X’s all-star driver squad of Akira Iida, Juichi Wakisaka & Takuto Iguchi only highlights the obvious — Lexus is taking the Nürburgring 24h race very seriously this year.

The debut of the LFA Code X also solves the two year-old mystery of the LFA AD-A, AD-B, & AD-X prototypes seen at Nürburgring, and also opens up another interesting angle — why is Lexus testing an advanced version of a car no longer for sale? Is the updated V10 engine going to be used in a future Lexus car?

Two photos of the car were released, here they are in high-resolution:

Lexus LFA Code X Front

Lexus LFA Code X Rear

(There will also be a second LFA in the Nürburgring 24h race, driven by Takayuki Kinoshita , Hiroaki Ishiura & Kazuya Oshima.)

[Source: Toyota Global]


  1. Sounds like the LFA II they are working on with BMW is doing some R&D at Nurburgring with a 5.3L V10. Would they dare turbocharge the V10? BD
    • MD

      Hell no! There is no way BMW is touching this engine in anyway. Please don't sensationalize it. BMW has nothing to do with the LFA. It is a solo project and it is a naturally aspirated 5.3 Liter V10 being used for racing in the LFA. The LFA 2 will have 5.3 Liter V10 with possibly hybrid motor with the same 9500 rpm screaming revs. It is a high-revving engine and there is no relation whatsoever to turbocharging.
    • What do you mean "dare"? The engine is perfection. That sounds ridiculous. The engine is supposed to be completely naturally aspirated and high-revving. It runs a compression of 13:0:1. They increased the displacement to generate more horsepower and torque. There is absolutely no reason to take a perfect engine intended to be naturally aspirated and high revving and turn it into a turbocharged low revving engine. You know it very well it is naturally aspirated.
    • BMW has nothing to do with the LFA and this engine. It is a naturally aspirated 5.3 Liter V10 with 9500 rpm F1 sound and possibly hybrid motor in production flavor to go against LaFerrari and Porsche 918. Let's just keep it real.
    • hmmmm..!! meeh..! against those guys, i dont believe it.. they are on a tottaly different league of fast, and technology! and i think lexus/toyota wouldnt risk to produce yet another car that would take a hell load of money to make and sell them like the original lfa.. but i could be wrong. i think it would be a competitor against the new nsx, or even an alternative for those cars above..
    • md

      How do you know? That is exactly what people said before LFA came out that Lexus cannot compete against those cars. Now, it stands as the one of the top 10 greatest cars ever made. Lexus proved everyone wrong. By the way, NSX is not even in the same league as the LFA so cross that out already. Lexus already has experience of mating a high-revving engine to hybrid electric motor in the LMS race car, which won Le Mans race. Lexus can easily mate the electric motor to the 5.3 Liter V10 A 5.3 Liter V10 + 12,000 rpm revs + hybrid electric motor, Lexus can easily produce 750 - 800 HP. The 5.3 Liter V10 alone can produce 650 HP since it already makes 118 HP/Liter in the 4.8 Liter trim.
    • done my research, and yeah.. i've talked unknowingly.. just ignore that.. lol but i'll have to remind you that acura hasnt revealed the nsx's numbers, but even then acura is aiming for the r8 and 911, so yeah, i've no arguments ;P
    • done my research, and yeah.. i've talked unknowingly.. just ignore that.. lol but i'll have to remind you that acura hasnt revealed the nsx's numbers, but even then they are aiming for the r8 and 911, so yeah, i've no argument.. ;P
    • Since everyone has chimed in on this one I guess I'll throw in. No matter what the new NSX will be it won't matter because the LFA has already won. The NSX will be more technological thus more efficient, the LFA was primitive and brutal. You gotta give credit where credit is due and many have turned a cheek. You have to remember the LFA is almost 15 years old, 'five on the road.' Did anyone ever see that comparo between the LFA and the old NSX? That guy was seriously not right in the brain. LOL
  2. I see a faux spindle grille on this beast.
  3. Just as I said the next LFA aka LFA-II will have a 700+ hp :) Totally just Lexus from only Lexus engineers and no BMW is involved at LFA-II development, no even other development team, the only development team for this beast is the same development team of the original LFA About BMW involvement, it will be involved in the LC aka SL / 911 competitor, which should have to be within the price range and should share the Toyota Mirai ( and the BMW Z8 the chassis and the engine which will be a V8 4.4L mated with electric engine, the 3 versions will even be different body wise not even also design wise as the Z8 will continue to be soft top roadster, while the Mirai aka Supra successor will be a 2 seated coupe and the LC will be same as the SL a hard top roadster Toyota secretly also testing the following - hot hatch, approximately finished. - CL/Continental GT competitor aka SC or LF-LC production with production target at fall 2016. - 4 doors version from the 86
  4. I heard this engine in racing spac revs up to 12 000rpm. this is exactly how f1 cars rev. 700hp is too much for such an engine, it would destroy everything on its path no need to add hybrid on this. LFA NE like f1 car, it raw speed is produced by revs. other cars depend on toque. did you guys see how fast the LFA AD was on the main straight?
    • But honestly it will be around 760 hp with the aid or the hybrid, but it will also be AWD
    • MD

      Lexus is smart enough to know, they are the ONLY manufacturer on this planet that can build an engine that can rev up to 12,000 rpm and still not miss a beat for 400,000 miles. Put a hybrid electric motor + 12,000 rpm V10 + AWD = 900 HP Wow! I am falling in love with Lexus more and more every day.
    • Will LFA II go from Supercar to Hypercar? That would be too awesome. Pagani, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Lexus. Haha! BMW has nothing even as an R8.
    • I think the next LC aka SL/911 competitor can easily reach the 553 hp in the previous generation LFA on the LC F version
    • Yes, I believe Lexus is going for the juggular this time. They have proven they can build one of the most exciting cars of all times plus have the reliability no other manufacturer can provide. That is why no other manufacturer would think of putting a 12,000 rpm engine into production since it would fall apart after 50,000 miles. Lexus can build engines that can last 400,00 miles even if they are ragged on all day long at 12,000 rpm. Lexus is in great position to build an insane hypercar.
    • AWD equals more weight why would they do that it makes no sense.
    • The AWD will gave it, the smooth start that the first generation LFA never have, plus it can then compete with the top from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and even with the Bugatti in any condition, don't worry the weight will be the same as the LFA-I or even less!!!
    • Do you no this for sure or is it your best guess??? I think Lexus could careless about the arms race and all this HP talk is exactly that.I personally believe while there probably will be a HP & torque increase Lexus won't go away from a driver focused car and will build a car less reliant on electronics than its competitors. Really who cares about a 0-100 time if I were a consumer for me its all about the experience and being able to push the limits of what the factory has given me not become reliant on electronic aids like most of its competitors have become so focused on.
    • I know this from my source, and it will be asymmetrical AWD, with no aid of electronic, same drive focus or maybe more, but with much more hp and torque to aid this increase from the hybrid battery back and the AWD, he told me it may be much more over 750hp, I don't know why he chooses the 750, maybe it is the plain power without the other hybrid electric motor, I do t know, but honestly hence the plain 4.8L can reach to 553 hp without the aid or turbo or charger or electric motors so I guess the 5.3L can make it reach plain also to 600 hp or maybe more alone
    • md

      Yeah, the 5.3 Liter V10 can make 650 HP without any turbocharger, if it retains the same ratio of 117 HP/Liter and the same 9500 rpm rev limit. If what some people are saying is true, that the LFA will have a 12,000 rpm rev limit then the power can easily be stretched to 130 - 135 HP/Liter, which puts the power over 720 HP from the 5.3 Liter V10 without any FI or hybrid. The torque will be around 425 - 430 ft-lbs if it retains the same 76 ft-lbs/liter ratio. DId you hear anything about the 12,000 rpm limit?
    • Honestly no I just heared that it will be way over 750hp, don't even know why he chooses this 750hp
    • md

      There are videos of LFA AD-X lapping around Nurburgring and it exhaust sounds even more F1 and its engine sounds like super moto GP when it is hitting 310 - 315 km/h on the uphill climb (based on how fast it flies by). It does look like 12,000 rpm revs and also it has to be making over 700 HP to fly a 30 degree uphill so fast that you cannot even see the car.
    • you share this links please
    • md

      Here you go. Look at how fast it is going uphill. You have to pause to actually see the car passing. It is hitting 310 km/h - 315 km/h considering how fast it flies. It sounds like Moto GP superbike in this video
    • WoW Thanks a lot for this video bro., yes after I watched it I agre with every word you say
  5. Lexus is f*cking BMW really hard. BMW with their crap SUV and FWD, while Lexus goes full performance, and Toyota full eco. This is great. It sound to good to be true that LFA is still in development. 5,3L means more torque. Japanese and KAIZEN are unbeatable. From GT-R to GT-R Nismo, from LFA to LFA Code X, from IS-F to IS-F CCS-R, from WRX to WRX STI S206 NBR. BMW can't even build a proper sportscar, they need Toyota's help for it to be rentable. BMW does not build any supercar and has nothing to do with Lexus. The only deal is for Toyota to get BMW diesel engine for Europe, and for BMW to get Hybrid tech. The sporstcar collaboration is Toyota Mirai (Supra) and BMW Z5. Z4 dies, Z1 will be FWD. That is it. Next luxury BMW is the X7, no 8 Series planned.
    • The collaboration with BMW on 3 cars, LC, Mirai and Z8
    • No. Toyota Mirai (Supra) and BMW Z5. If BMW has moved the Z4 up market, it is because there will be no Z8, below there will be the Z1 based on UKL platform (BMW/MINI FWD) for sales. There is no supercar on planned, no M version of i8, no M car using i8 platform. The Lexus LC/SC uses next generation Lexus LS platform.
    • Got your point all what I know with approximate confirmation that Lexus will have 5 sport coupes by 2016 -4 series / A5 / C to E coupe aka the RC -6 series / A7 / S coupe, CLS aka the SC -Next Generation LFA -SL/ Z8 / 911 aka LC -SLK / Z4 / Boxester CC
    • MD

      LFA is fast using high horsepower and spinning the engine like crazy. That is how LFA runs quicker than cars with more than twice its torque. It is built like an F1 racing car engine. F1 racing car engines rev up to 15,000 rpm and make 800 HP from 2.5 Liter V10 and only 250 - 270 ft-lbs of torque and still can run 9 seconds 1/4 miles. This 5.3 Liter V10 was bored out from 480 cc per cylinder to 530 cc per cylinder (while the stroke is kept the same) to get the 5.3 Liter displacement. That means, this LFA will rev even higher than the 9500 rpm standard LFA and hence produce a lot more horsepower (and hence torque at high rpms) since it will rev up to 11,000 - 12,000 rpm. Peak horsepower unrestricted can be up to 700 rpm (in Nurburgring race it will be restricted to 500 HP due to regulations) and torque maximum from 5.3 Liter V10 can be 420 - 425 ft-lbs, but peak torque is irrelevant in high revving engines.
    • Ignorant car enthusiast here :P So you're saying that the main characteristic of increasing an engine's displacement is (besides the HP) torque and rev increase? im asking cause you seem to understand this kind of stuff well, looking to your comment above :P.. and i'd like to know this stuff better too.. hope you, or anybody, could take the time to answer..
    • md

      Yes, engine displacement increase results in more capabilities to produce torque (as in, power without engine doing much effort). However, if you increase the displacement by lengthening the stroke, that reduces the ability of the car to rev as high or higher since the stroke length requires the pistons to travel longer distance (hence slower speed) That is why I said this LFA's V10 stroke is the same to maintain its ability to rev up to 10,000+ rpm (according to Tanahashi in an interview) and bore out the cylinders to gain displacement. Therefore, only this combination results in maintaining ability to produce massive horsepower at high rpms and retain a very high redline while gaining torque in the midrange from the increased displacement. Does that make sense?
    • O.O! I.. Im processing the information.. haha but yeah, it makes sence.. thanks :)
    • just realised something.. you say the stroke is maintained and the displacement increased by making the cylinders larger, right? so that means the engine wont rev as quick as its 4.8L twin, cause the pistons are heavier, right? does it affect on anything on the car's performance? if im right at what im saying.. lol
    • md

      No it is not the weight of the pistons since pistons are already super lightweight made of titanium in Lexus LFA. Think of it like a glass. If you want to increase the cubic capacity of a glass, you can either lengthen the glass upwards or you can widen the glass sides. However, making the glass longer means more distance for the spoon to travel down to the bottom of the glass. So it is not about the weight. It is about the distance the piston is travelling. If you reduce the revs of the LFA engine and lengthen the stroke, it cannot make as much horsepower at the high end (which is derived from high rpm torque), but it will make more torque at the low end due to the increased displacement, but in racing cars it is all about response and high rpm horsepower. High revs require the piston to travel top to bottom in the cylinder very quickly. LFA has a very short stroke since it needs to rev up to 9500 rpm so the stroke will be the same in the 5.3 Liter V10, but the bore will be increased
    • ok, nice..! well thanks again for your time :)
  6. I hope BMW has nothing to do with any Lexus. Keep it with Toyota.
    • No you can mark my words down. This is all Lexus. They have done all of the work with LFA 1. Now it is just a matter of taking what they built and improving it to new heights.
  7. Wow great to see Lexus still optimising the LFA. Can't wait to hear actual more details for it and especially can't wait until this thing breaks cover on the track.
  8. Exhaust pipes on the side Longer wheel base than the standard LFA 12,000 rpm redline Insane car.
  9. "...has been created to enable study of future sports car technologies.”
  10. it is desirable cars of people I want to own it right now
  11. So does this mean they'll replace the previous LFA's they enter or will this be an additional one? Someone please enlighten me.
  12. Tanahashi san recently confirmed in an interview that he is working on a new Lexus LFA and then a couple of weeks after that, the AD-X is officially announced.
  13. Guys check the Press Release ( More than a new engine this LFA has a "new" chassis. Quote from press release: "Other enhancements include a full carbon frame body to enhance body-rigidity while reducing vehicle weight." Normal LFA has chassis with aluminium sub-frames. This looks like it is all CF. This clearly is LFA II, longer, more CF for hybrid tech. We are looking at Lexus hypercar to go after Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. If the normal LFA N-Edition did a 7:14 min, this can definitely go under 7 min.
    • Good catch Levi
    • I wondered as when I saw weight loss I automatically assumed this GR LFA would be for sure in the GTE class. I saw a comment Iida saying the Ring Edition's optimal time was a 7.12 at the Ring with that bridgestone RE 070 tyres and with better rubber who know's but I'd assume at least another 5-6 seconds. The new car if it goes into production who know's but speculation will run rife but I think its safe to assume with all the the upgrades a sub 7 min lap would have to be in the books or what would really be the point.
    • I think it might be in the SP9 class, but I could be wrong.
    • I hope not Lexus have been going to the Ring for long enough they have done enough development its time to show what they can do against the Manthey's and such types of the world. SP9 to me would be a cop out they need to be running in the GTE class and look at winning this race overall.
  14. It's so amazing to know that this company started as a textile company. Lexus doesn't need to pursue perfection, they already have it!
  15. Off-topic: has any of you seen the Toyota FT-1, i'd call it the little brother of the LFA and the big brother of the GT-86