Lexus LFA Roadster Spotted Again in Japan

The mystery Japanese Lexus LFA roadster first seen in January has been spotted again on an unidentified racetrack:

Lexus LFA Roadster

Belonging to a private owner, this has to be the single-most modified production LFA in existence — an amazing conversion, and possibly the only time we’ll eversee a LFA roadster on the road.

(That Honda Motocompo in the background almost steals the show, though.)

Update: From a Facebook comment, it appears that this LFA roadster was out celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Suzuka Circuit.

[Source: Gazoo Facebook]


  1. I thought this was belongs to Lexus themself .
  2. Thhe last time i saw it, it had a roll cage?.
  3. Wow, it looks better here, looks like the huge roll bar behind the seats is gone. 
  4. The motocompo ... wow .. just wow. What's really funny is the fact that the guy riding it is wearing a helmet.
  5. does he only have 1 hand?
  6. They did built a LFA Concept Roadster a while back before the actual car debut.  I am sure Toyota/Lexus was gauging the interest level of the LFA then decide whether or not to make this car into production.  Considering how many LFA is for sale now "Used" or "registered under owner of the dealer" I highly doubt we'll ever see it. The next best PR for Lexus LFA would be, if someone ever wanted to remake a modern version of Sean Connery's "You Only Live Twice" (ie Toyota 2000GT Convertible) vs (Lexus LFA Roadster) that would be perfect.....!!